AcadShare| Academic Resources is an online resource of a wide spectrum of free and readily available educational tools ranging from simple English language-learning handouts to  interactive slide presentations, all tailored for educators, students, and even other professionals.

We believe that with open-access publication, as opposed to subscription-based, we are able to reach more readers and learners across the Philippine archipelago and possibly, around the world, and hence provide the express information and learning being sought through online research in a matter of clicks. True enough, learning may take place now anytime and anywhere.

AcadShare | Academic Resources articles and materials are categorized into [Click links to browse resources]:

ACTIVITIES AND WORKSHEETS is a teacher briefcase of paper-and-pen exercises designed to improve the students’ knowledge and skills in various learning areas. You can download the files in PDF formats in just a click with the Free Download feature and reproduce them in multiple copies.

INFORMATION AND ANNOUNCEMENTS provides school-related information and fact sheets for public dissemination purposes such as on the annual school calendar, monthly celebration and graduation themes, and others officially released by the Philippine Education Department.

INSIGHTS AND RESOURCES is a special section for teachers containing a list of helpful articles and guides for the collective improvement of instructional practices. Teachers out there are encouraged to share their expertise and experiences, and hence participate in our online community.

LECTURES AND SLIDES offers a virtual portfolio of ready-to-execute presentations in Microsoft Office PowerPoint formats. Piloted in real classroom settings, slides are carefully researched, planned, and designed for the benefit of both the presenters and the student audience.

NOTES AND HANDOUTS, as the name implies, is your digital notebook of discussions and examinations of various academic topics. It also provides quality samples of communication letters and formats, student competition mechanics and guides, and hosting scripts.

QUIZZES AND ASSESSMENTS is your data bank of academic assessment tools helpful in gauging the performance and achievement levels of learners across various areas. It includes formative and summative assessments in objective, essay, and performance task formats.

REVIEWERS AND MATERIALS compiles supplementary articles and review materials helpful for education students in their preparation for college entrance and qualifying examinations, and even the licensure examinations.

SPEECHES AND ESSAYS is your compendium of benchmark essays and speeches in various development formats and topics and for different occasions. Feel free to send us your well-structured and content-wise essays and speeches for wider readership.

AcadShare was launched in May 2018 as a subsidiary brand of signed MARCO, a Philippine-based privately owned online publication firm. Its other brand, signed MARCO| Personal Finance (formerly, iMillennial), launched in January 2017, is engaged in online publication of quality insightful articles related to household financial management, building savings, and stock market and other investments that target Filipino millennial readers around the globe.