AcadShare| Academic Resources is an online resource of academic tools and materials such as handouts, assessments, slides, and worksheets perfectly tailored for Filipino teachers and students.

AcadShare was launched in May 2018 as a subsidiary brand of iMillennial Publishers, a Philippine-based privately owned online publication firm. Its other brand, iMillennial| Personal Finance ( launched in January 2017, is engaged in online publication of quality insightful articles related to household financial management, building savings, and stock market and other investments that target Filipino millennial readers around the globe. AcadShare and iMillennial are both managed by iMillennial Publishers, a dynamic team of young Filipino blogging enthusiasts and educators.

AcadShare | Academic c Resources articles and materials are categorized into:

  • Printable Handouts
  • Online Assessments
  • Downloadable Slides
  • Teaching Resources
  • Student Essays
  • Practice Worksheets
  • Review Materials