ALS Graduation Ceremony Hosting Script

ALS Graduation Ceremony Hosting Script. This is a sample hosting script for Alternative Learning System (ALS) graduation and completion rites. You are free to use it for program hosting and emceeing and other similar purposes.

[Part 001: Invocation and National Anthem]

Host A. Good morning. We would like to request everybody to settle down. Our program will begin in a few minutes [pause a few more minutes]. We would like to request everybody to stand for our Invocation and the Philippine National Anthem.

Host A. You may now be seated. Thank you.

Host B. Good morning everyone. Welcome to AcadShare State University-Manila for our 2019 Alternative Learning System Program Graduation Rites [pause]. Today marks another milestone in the lives of our ALS Learners who have chosen AcadShare State University to be part of their basic education program beyond the regular and formal instruction.

Host A. Since the past few months, we have housed them on Saturdays for meaningful learning experiences, classroom interactions, assessments in various areas of focus, and others that have truly prepared them for their ALS Accreditation and Equivalency Test, and more than this, the brighter future that awaits them.

[Part 002: Acknowledgment of Guests and Attendees]

Host B. While the ALS program has been a collective effort generally among the members of the school and the community, it’s but an honor to acknowledge the contributions of these people who, in a way or another, have been in support of all along until this very last day of the program, thus being here with us this morning.

Host A. From the AcadShare State University Academic Department, our Academic Head and also the Senior High School Principal, xxxxxxx; our Program Heads, xxxxxxx, xxxxxxx, and xxxxxxx; our Senior High School Assistant Principal, xxxxxxx; our ALS Coordinator, xxxxxxx; our faculty members, and staff, a warm round of applause to all of you.

Host B. Also, we would like to acknowledge the presence of the parents and guardians who have been very supportive to and confident about the dedication of our ALS Learners. Likewise, let us give our acknowledgement with another round of applause. Thank you.

[Part 003: Opening Remarks]

Host A. At this point, let us formally open our ceremony with xxxxxxx, our xxxxxxx for the opening remarks. Please give him a warm round of applause.

Host B. Thank you very much Sir for that.

[Part 004: Greetings]

Host A. Now that our ceremony has officially started, we would like to greet everybody an early congratulations. The efforts, perseverance, and dedication of all the people involved –our ALS Learners, our parents and guardians, our AcadShare Faculty Volunteers, and the rest – are about to pay off.

[Part 005: Intermission Number]

Host B. To further stir up the mood of this wonderful morning, let our batteries be electrified to the music and the moves of the AcadShare Bagong Sibol Dance Troupe.

Host A. That was just an activating performance! Thank you Bagong Sibol Dance Troupe. You are no doubt our world class performers.

[Part 006: Inspirational Message | Guest Speaker]

Host B. More than all the academic learnings that our ALS Learners had for the last few months, what they need is an inspiration, a motivation to continue formal schooling after succeeding the ALS Accreditation and Equivalency Test. With this, an inspirational message will be given to us by xxxxxxx, our xxxxxxx.

Host A. Thank you Sir. Your message is a real inspiration. We hope it will be with our ALS Learners all along their journey hereafter. Thank you.

[Part 007: Awarding of ALS Certificates of Completion]

Host B. We have finally come to the moment our ALS Learners have been waiting for, the Awarding of Certificates of Alternative Learning System Completion.

Host A. To award the certificates, we would like to request our ALS Coordinator, xxxxxxx, our Academic Head, and the Program Heads.

Host B. The certificate reads…. [read the certificate wordings]. As we call each completer, please join us here in front together with your parent or guardian to receive your certificate.

Host A. To all our ALS Completers, congratulations! You have just reminded us all the real importance of education. Continue with your dreams. Continue reaching greater heights.

[Part 008 : Intermission Number]

Host B. While we just had the moments, our ALS Completers have prepared a simple intermission number, their expression of gratitude and appreciation.

Host A. Everybody, let us welcome on stage our 2019 Alternative Learning System Completers with a round of applause.

Host B. Thank you very much. That was more than just a performance. We truly appreciate it.

[Part 009: Special Message | ALS Completer]

Host A. True enough, our ALS Completers are very grateful with the opportunities still given to them through our Alternative Learning System Program. To put this in words, one of our completers, xxxxxxx, will give us a special message on behalf of the class.

Host B. Thank you very much. You’re always welcome. Once again, let give him/her a warm round of applause.

[Part 010: Awarding of Certificates of Appreciation]

Host A. At this juncture, we would like to express as well our sincerest gratitude to all the AcadShare Faculty Volunteers who have extended their support in our program. They might have been too busy with their teaching loads on regular weekdays, but still they were able to find time to share their knowledge, expertise, and experiences to all our ALS Completers.

Host B. With that, we would like to request all our AcadShare Faculty Volunteers to join us here in front together with our Academic Head and Program Heads. The Certificate of Appreciation reads [read the certificate wordings]…

Host A. Thank you teachers. We know how thankful our ALS Completers are with all you support. On behalf of them, we salute all of you.

[Part 011: Special Message | Faculty Volunteer]

Host B. Our program will not be complete without our AcadShare Faculty Volunteers giving their final messages to our ALS Completers. To represent the team, xxxxxxx, our xxxxxxx, will give us a special message. Please give him another round of applause.

Host A. Thank you very much Sir [pause]. Our ceremony has finally come to its conclusion. Once again, we congratulate all our ALS Completers. God bless and good luck on your formal academic journey.

[Part 012: Closing Remarks]

Host B. To give us the closing remarks, we would like to call on our xxxxxxx, xxxxxxx.

Host A. Thank you very much Sir. That formally concludes our ceremony. These have been your hosts: I am xxxxxxx.

Host B. And I am xxxxxxx. Signing off.