APA Writing Style Application Quiz

APA Writing Style Application Quiz. This simple test covers the basics of APA Writing Style including paraphrasing, direct quoting, in-text citations, and bibliographical entries.

  1. Paraphrase the statement first and apply the APA in-text citation rules:
    • A realistic attitude about writing must build on the idea that writing is a skill, not a natural gift. It is a skill like driving, typing, or cooking; and like any skill, it can be learned (Source: Langan, 2010, p.11).
  2. Apply the APA in-text citation rules for this short quotation:
    • The writing process is how we translate ideas into written text. It starts with an idea in our head and the need to develop it, communicate it with an audience, and preserve it. The writing process is what the writers do (Source: Freeman, 2003, p.5).
  3. Apply the APA in-text citation rules for this long quotation:
    • Writing is a way of knowing and acting. Seen as a way of knowing, the purpose of writing is not simple to convey but to discover and validate knowledge; from this perspective, the forms of written language influence not only how we say but also what we say and therefore what we know. Seen as a form of social action, writing is not just a means of transmitting information, but also a means of establishing and altering relationships with others; significantly, writing is seen to take place within communities of discourse (Source: Vipond, 1993, p.2).

Analyze each bibliographical entry. Put a check [✓] before the item if it adheres to the standards of APA Writing Style, and [X] mark if not.

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