Campus Journalism Quiz

Campus Journalism (Multiple-Choice Type) Quiz. This test covers various topics in Campus Journalism including canons of journalism, parts of a campus paper, and news story elements. You may use the items below for a pretest or for summative assessment purposes.

  1. What canon of journalism distinguishes news reports from expressions of opinions, and that news reports should be free from opinion or bias of any kind?
    • Fair Play
    • Impartiality
    • Decency
    • Responsibility
  2. Every defamatory imputation is presumed to be malicious, even if it be true, if no good intention and justifiable motive for making it except:
    • If it is an oral or spoken defamation
    • If the party injured is identifiable
    • If it is with motive of public interest
    • If the statement is not directly defamatory
  3. It means ‘to set type so it fills line completely; also, to space type so column is exactly filled vertically.’
    • Kill
    • Justify
    • Jump
    • Boil
  4. He/she is a person who examines first impressions of printing to correct errors, primarily typographical, but also in fact and style.
    • Copyreader
    • Copywriter
    • Proofreader
    • Rim Man
  5. It is a copyreading instruction which literally means ‘let it stand;’ or to restore part of the copy that was deleted.
    • Stet
    • Close-Up
    • Retain
    • Remain
  6. It is the collection of data, usually appearing on editorial page, which lists publisher, editors, and staff of publication.
    • Masthead
    • Editorial Cartoon
    • Editorial
    • Morgue
  7. Sometimes complementing the editorial, this is a visual representation of an opinion, usually humorous in presentation.
    • Editorial Column
    • Editorial Cartoon
    • Editorial
    • Masthead
  8. It includes the writer’s or photographer’s name or signature line above story or under the picture.
    • By-line
    • Border
    • Caption
    • Credit Line
  9. It means ‘to enlarge a picture or any section of it.’
    • Bleed
    • Blow-Up
    • Crop
    • Center Spread
  10. It is a headline style which is set so that all lines are even at right and ragged at left.
    • Flush
    • Inverted Pyramid
    • Flush –Left
    • Flush-Right
  11. These are news with emotional impact about individuals or animals; may be fairly short items such as brights, or longer features.
    • Science and Health
    • Editorials
    • Human Interest
    • Sports News
  12. It is the method of determining number of specific letters which can be set in line of head.
    • Unit Counts
    • Wrap-Up
    • Teletype
    • Memory
  13. This page layout is desirable to use when one story is more important than any other. The readers’ attention is directed to the upper-right or upper-left corner so that the eye naturally focuses on the main story.
    • Contrast/Balance
    • Streamlined Layout
    • Circus Layout
    • Brace and Focus
  14. This design is broken-column layout carried to the extreme. The page is broken up with no attempt on regularity, symmetry and order.
    • Circus Layout
    • Streamlined Layout
    • Brace and Focus
    • Perfect Balance
  15. Which of these terms best replaces the word ‘reject’ in headline writing?
    • Pit
    • Nix
    • Rap
    • Mull
  16. How many unit counts will the small letters ‘m’ and ‘w’ have in a headline?
    • ½ Unit
    • 1 Unit
    • 1 ½ Units
    • 2 Units
  17. What term has been coined to describe corruption in the media industry?
    • Envelopmental
    • Commercialism
    • Cuffed Journalism
    • Shut Media
  18. Which word supplies the given statement from the Philippine Journalists Code of the Philippines: I shall not commit any act of ____?
    • Dishonesty
    • Plagiarism
    • Improper Emphasis
    • Defamation
  19. When a reader takes hold of a newspaper, he instinctively starts looking at the top left corner of the page. This area is called:
    • POA
    • Terminal Area
    • Fallow Corners
    • Optical Magnet Area
  20. It is the term used to mean two or more heads touching horizontally.
    • Column Rules
    • Tombstones
    • Armpits
    • Thumbnail
  21. It is the unit of printer’s measurement, e.g. 12 point, 1/6 inch.
    • Pix
    • Pica
    • Point
    • Pasa
  22. It is the vertical line separating type masses.
    • Condensed
    • Column Inch
    • Column Rule
    • Fold
  23. He/she is a staff member who edits copy, sometimes writes headlines and dummies-up pages.
    • Copyreader
    • Copy Editor
    • City Editor
    • Rewrite Man
  24. It is a newspaper format with pages approximately 11×15 inches; also a philosophy of presenting news of sensational content and in circus form.
    • Broadsheet
    • Tabloid
    • Teletype
    • Style Book
  25. It is a small head that rides above main headline.
    • Banner
    • Kicker
    • Headline
    • Gutter
  26. These are little boxes on either side of the newspaper’s nameplate.
    • Drop-Ins
    • Ears
    • Dummy
    • Deck
  27. It is a headline that runs across the top of the first page; also called a streamer.
    • Kicker
    • Deck
    • Banner
    • Basement
  28. It means ‘to eliminate unwanted areas of a picture.’
    • Cut
    • Crop
    • Cub
    • Bleed
  29. It involves a defamatory statement which, applied to any person, would hold him up to “public hatred, contempt, ridicule, aversion, or disgrace, or induce an evil opinion of him in the minds of right-thinking persons, and deprive him of their friendly company and society.”
    • Libel per se
    • Libel per quod
    • Slander
    • Oral Defamation
  30. This is the most important point in any sports story because the writer has to tell his readers who won the game.
    • Individual Stars
    • Comparison of Teams
    • Spectacular Plays
    • The score or outcome
  31. This editorial explains the significance of a news event or a current idea, condition or situation.
    • Commendation
    • Interpretation
    • Criticism
    • Entertainment
  32. He/she must always remember that the lead of a story becomes more effective if written with words that move or denote action, but he/she should not overdo it either.
    • Feature Writer
    • Editor
    • Sports Writer
    • Human Interest Writer
  33. This type of editorial points out the good or the bad features of a situation mentioned on the news page and tells what should be done about it. Its purpose is to influence the reader.
    • Entertainment
    • Editorial of Criticism
    • Interpretation
    • Commendation
  34. This news story element always helps to make facts interesting to people. The greater the degree of unusualness in a story, the greater its value as news.
    • Conflict
    • Oddity
    • Prominence
    • Proximity
  35. It is an assemblage of words written in bigger, bolder letter than the usual page text at the beginning of the news.
    • News Title
    • Headline
    • Lead
    • Quote
  36. Complete the Philippine Journalism code statement: I shall presume persons accused of being innocent until proven otherwise. I shall exercise caution in publishing names of __and women involved in criminal cases so that they may not unjustly lose their standing in society.
    • Personalities
    • Government officials
    • Minors
    • Journalists
  37. This sports lead tells the personality or personalities who lead the team to victory, whether he is the top scorer who made the crucial play to win.
    • Outstanding Player
    • Significant Play Lead
    • Novelty Lead
    • Significance of Game
  38. As what it suggests, this is the most entertaining and playful type of sports lead; it may describe the player, the play, or others. This can be made using figurative language or whatever the sports writer chooses.
    • Significant Play
    • Novelty Lead
    • Outstanding Player
    • Significance of Game
  39. How many unit counts does the headline ‘BCIS bags medals in NEPPESA quiz bee’ have?
    • 40 and ½
    • 39 and ½
    • 41
    • 41 and ½
  40. It is a diagram or layout plan of a newspaper or magazine page, showing the position of each story and picture.
    • Dummy
    • Follow Copy
    • Halftone
    • Linotype
  41. Which of these has a corresponding 2 unit counts?
    • Figures 0-9
    • Capital Letter W
    • All spaces
    • Capital Letter X
  42. What news value stresses that a story is interesting if the readers clearly realize its direct implication to them?
    • Timeliness
    • Conflict
    • Proximity
    • Prominence
  43. These are editorials which tackle issues or topics that do not have direct element of timeliness as they are “universal.”
    • Second-run First-run
    • Editorials
    • Argumentative
    • Features
  44. In writing a news headline, which of these terms can be best used in replacement for the word ‘former’?
    • Curb
    • Ex
    • Gird
    • Back
  45. In journalism, it is defined as an accurate and timely account of an idea, issue, or an event that affects a significant number of people.
    • News
    • Advertisement
    • Broadcast
    • Write-up
  46. It is a news story that goes beyond the day’s facts and seeks to analyze, interpret, and uncover facts related to an issue or event.
    • Follow-up Story
    • Sidebar Story
    • News Features
    • Editorial
  47. It is a news story that takes off from previous news reports and looks at the story from another angle, from another source, or simply updates the reader with the developments of the story.
    • Follow-up Story
    • Sidebar Story
    • News Features
    • Editorial
  48. It includes the page number, date of publication, and name of newspaper positioned on top of the page.
    • Nameplate
    • Folio
    • Index
    • Credit Line
  49. It is the act of putting of the writer’s opinion in the story.
    • Editorializing
    • News Coverage
    • Reflective Writing
    • Feature Writing
  50. The pull on the reading diagonal is like that of gravity. The reader cannot turn it off or even turn it down. All he can do is place optical magnets in certain areas—especially the ___—to lure the eye through the whole page.
    • Terminal Area
    • Primary Optical Area
    • Fallow Corners
    • Basement