Campus Paper Parts and Sections Matching Type Quiz

Campus Paper Parts and Sections (Matching Type). This matching type test focuses on the students’ mastery of the many parts and sections of a campus paper. You may redesign the test to suit the assessment needs and learning styles of the students.

Column A | Campus Paper Parts 

  • Folio
  • Column Rule
  • Deck
  • Index
  • Fold
  • Credit Line
  • Kicker
  • Cutline
  • Editorial Liner
  • Byline
  • Box
  • Cut
  • Nameplate
  • Ears
  • Banner
  • Running Head
  • Editorial Cartoon
  • Masthead
  • Editorial Column
  • Headline

Column B | Definitions and Descriptions

  1. a line giving the source of the story or illustration
  2. an imaginary horizontal line dividing the newspaper into two parts
  3. news materials enclosed by line rules
  4. a caricature emphasizing a simple point
  5. a metal plate bearing a newspaper’s illustration
  6. a personal opinion written by the columnist himself
  7. a slug line indicating an important inside page story
  8. a subordinate headline placed immediately below its mother headline
  9. the engraved or printed name of newspaper
  10. a short statement or sayings placed at the end of editorial column
  11. the signature of a reporter preceding a news feature
  12. the little boxes on either side of the nameplate
  13. page number, date of publication, and name of newspaper on top of the page
  14. a tagline placed above but smaller than headline
  15. a text accompanying photos and artwork, better known as caption
  16. the principal headline bearing the boldest and biggest type
  17. the title of any news story
  18. a head made up of two or more lines
  19. the editorial box containing the logo, names of the staff and position etc.
  20. a vertical line dividing the page into columns