Short Closing Remarks for SHS Recognition Day

Good morning! Others say that the most challenging slot for an event speaker is the closing remarks. No doubt, it’s the last hurdle before people head home. So I stand here with a little pressure to deliver something that should sound tantamount to the overwhelming happiness brought you by those awards and recognitions. By the way, congratulations!

As heard earlier during the opening remarks, this event marks a short but a significant pause in the academic lives of our senior high students. Pause and look around you. There are many things that we celebrate today – on the part of our student awardees, the added feather in the cap; on the part of the parents, the unequaled profit for the cost of today’s education; on the part of the teachers, the realization of the noblest profession; and for the whole AcadShare community with the nurturing of these competent individuals, the vision translated into a reality.

To our dear student awardees, your awards signify a new level completed. Yes, you may have earned a star, two stars, or even more, but what really matters is that all of these motivate you to continue with the game of life and use the knowledge and skills acquired to overcome all obstacles that come your way. So after this, take the next levels. Do it your way. But do not ever forget the people who have taught you the walkthroughs, the shortcuts, and maybe, the cheats.

To our dear student awardees, perhaps today you could give your parents a break from your adolescent angst or treat them later on in a simple but an epic-winning snack with a few pesos in your pockets. Perhaps, you could give your classmates who happened to be not your close friends a high five for the same job well done. Perhaps, you could thank and shake hands with your teachers for inspiring and bringing out the best in you. And perhaps, you could make even a simple thumbs up to all our school personnel, even our security officers, for instilling discipline amongst you and making you responsible members of the school and the community.

Thank you, and once again, congratulations!