Cosplay Mechanics and Criteria

COSPLAY/PARADE OF CHARACTERS (small group of three) allows student participants to portray and dress up as their favorite characters in contemporary literature such as in novels, manga, and short stories.
  1. There shall be no limit in terms of participation; however, each group shall be comprised of only three (3) students.
  2. Each group shall choose a contemporary literary work, dress up as three selected characters (trinity)and join the parade from the PE Area to the event venue (School Plaza).
  3. After the parade, each group shall be given two (2) minutes to be at the limelight and portray their characters. Dialogues are optional.
  4. Only three groups shall be awarded as the Champion, 1st Runner-Up, and 2nd Runner-Up.

Criteria for Judging

  • Costume and Props (35%). Quality and creative materials for the costumes and props from head to toes are used.
  • Accuracy (35%). Cosplayers have the faithful approach to the overall physical aspects of the original characters in terms of costumes, props, make-up, colors, details, etc.
  • Presentation (30%).Bodily movements, poses, and other nonverbal cues are those of the original characters as depicted in the literary works.