English Prepositions Quiz

English Prepositions Quiz. Choose the preposition that completes the meaning of the sentence.

  1. Juan is (at, on) the office.
  2. His wife, Maria, is (in, at) home.
  3. He is sitting (at, above) his desk.
  4. She is working (under, at) the kitchen table.
  5. He has papers (on, in) his desk.
  6. She has a cook book open (inside, on) the table.
  7. Juan goes (to, at) the office (at, on) eight o’clock.
  8. His wife stays (over, at) home (of, until) 10 o’clock, then she goes (into, to) the supermarket.
  9. (At, under) the supermarket, she buys groceries.
  10. She walks (into, from) her house (at, to) the supermarket.
  11. They go (in, to) church every Sunday.
  12. Please hang the painting (into, onto) the wall.
  13. She buys fish (at, from) the talipapa and vegetables (at, through) an open market.
  14. Juan works (in, on) the top floor (over, of) an office block.
  15. He takes an elevator (up, above) and (down, below).
  16. The only exciting thing that ever happened to Juan was that once the elevator stopped (from, between) the 12th (to, and) 13th floors and Jim was stuck (on, in) it.
  17. He sat (on, inside) the floor until help came.
  18. When she has a lot to buy, Maria takes Juan’s car and parks (in, along) the car park, close to the store.
  19. (Behind, Inside) the supermarket, she walks (between, along) the aisles, pushing her trolley (along, between) the rows of shelves.
  20. She pays (at, through) the checkout counter, loads the groceries (into, by) the trunk of her car, and drives home.