English Specialization 003 LET Reviewer

Afro-Asian Literature (English Specialization) LET Reviewer 2019. This review material for 2019 Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) covers various topics in Afro-Asian (African and Asian) Literature including famous writers and literary pieces from Africa, Egypt, Middle East, and others. You may also check Afro-Asian (Indian) Literature Quiz and Afro-Asian Course Synopsis. Try answering these questions and do further research to verify whether your answers are correct. You may also submit your answers to [email protected] for further feedback.

  1. It is the second largest continent by land area after Asia.
    • Africa
    • South America
    • North America
    • Europe
    • Australia
  2. What is the dominant religion in North Africa?
    • Judaism
    • Christianity
    • Islam
    • Hinduism
    • Buddhism
  3. Who is the foremost English-language poet and the most celebrated playwright of Black Africa who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1986?
    • Wole Soyinka
    • Chinua Achebe
    • John Peer Clark
    • James Ngugi Wa Thiong’O
    • Gabriel Okara
  4. What is the capital of the Republic of Egypt?
    • Ghana
    • Cairo
    • Riyadh
    • Zaire
    • Alexandria
  5. What term applies to vivid bits of poetry representing the dead kings attaining power in the afterlife?
    • Pyramid Texts
    • Proverbs
    • Cannibal Texts
    • Coffin Texts
    • Hieroglyphs
  6. It is an Egyptian story which relates how a sailor was thrown on a desert island where he conversed with a gigantic serpent.
    • The Tale of Sinuhe
    • The Shipwrecked Sailor
    • The Tale of Two Brothers
    • The Story of Eloquent Peasant
    • The Story of King Khufu and the Magicians
  7. It is considered to be the finest and best know Egyptian literary piece because of the romantic and high adventures of a man who loyally served his king.
    • The Tale of Sinuhe
    • The Shipwrecked Sailor
    • The Tale of Two Brothers
    • The Story of Eloquent Peasant
    • The Story of King Khufu and the Magicians
  8. Which of these countries does not comprise the Southeast Asia region?
    • Indonesia
    • Malaysia
    • Japan
    • Singapore
    • Vietnam
  9. What language is most widely spoken in Asia?
    • Chinese
    • Arabic
    • Russian
    • Hindi
    • English
  10. It is termed as glorious and wonderful; describes itself as a healing mercy as light and guidance from God, as absolute Truth and a perspicacious book sent down from heaven in Arabic.
    • The Bible
    • Vedas
    • Faraj Ba’d al Shiddah
    • Qur’an
    • The Arabian Nights
  11. He is best known for his poetic parables and aphorisms in such works as The Prophet, and Sand and Foam.
    • Kahlil Gibran
    • Abduk Zirpe Zaydan
    •  Aminal Rayhani
    • Ibn Amjed
    • Muhailo Nu-Agma
  12. What is the capital of Saudi Arabia?
    • Mecca
    • Jidda
    • al-Damman
    • Dhahran
    • Riyadh
  13. What particular novel written by Ngugi Wa Thiong’O tackles up his criticisms of the Kenyan government?
    • Petals of Blood
    • The River Between
    • A Grain of Wheat
    • Decolonising the Mind
    • Weep Not, Child
  14. What novel of Chinua Achebe documents the disintegration of a rural community under the impact of Westernization and is a classic statement of this archetypal theme?
    • The Palm-Wine Drunkard
    • A Man of People
    • Once Upon A Time
    • Things Fall Apart
    • Girls At War
  15. It is an Egyptian writing system comprising of small artistic picture of natural objects.
    • Hieratic
    • Calligraphy
    • Coptic
    • Demotic
    • Hieroglyph
  16. These texts describe several ways for the pharaoh to reach the heavens.
    • Cannibal Texts
    • Proverbs
    • Pyramid Texts
    • Coffin Texts
    • Hieratic
  17. He is known for his involvement in the negritude movement in France, a movement started by Black writers and artists protesting against French colonization and its effects to African culture and values.
    • David Diop
    • Kahlil Gibran
    • Wole Soyinka
    • Gabriel Okara
    • Chinua Achebe
  18. This poem mirrors the influence of the white Western world on African nations and the changing of African behavior over the years.
    • Once Upon A Time
    • Africa
    • Things Fall Apart
    • Anticipation
    • To Whom Should I Speak Today
  19. It is an anthology compiled by the poet Abretamman about 836 A.D., in which the dominant themes of poems are constancy and valor in battle, patience when confronted with reality, and steadfastness in seeking vengeance.
    • Al-Hamasa
    • Al-Mu-Allkat
    • The Voyages of Sinbad
    • Mujaddiyat
    • Mokamat
  20. His interest in collection of traditional African literature has resulted in such plays as Ozidi, based on an Ijaw epic, and Song of Goat.
    • Chinua Achebe
    • David Diop
    • Wole Soyinka
    • John Peer Clark
    • Kahlil Gibran
  21. The lines, but now they only laugh with their teeth, while their ice-block-cold eyes search behind my shadow, use what figurative languages?
    • Metonymy and Sarcasm
    • Simile and Antithesis
    • Apostrophe and Alliteration
    • Metaphor and Personification
    • Irony and Hyperbole
  22. What is the central theme of the story, The Lady and Her Five Suitors,taken from The Arabian Nights?
    • Innocence
    • Love
    • Contentment
    • Deception and Wit
    • Sacrifice
  23. It is regarded as the cradle of Islam, one of the world’s major monotheistic religions?
    • Iraq Saudi
    • Arabia
    • Jordan
    • Bahrain
    • Oman
  24. What do Muslims call the period of ignorance; the period before the writing of the Qur’an and before the rise of the religion?
    • Jihad
    • Saj
    • Sabah
    • Jahiliyyah
    • Mu’allagat
  25. It is an Egyptian pessimistic literature that describes a topsy-turvy world in which everything is awry, the poor usurping the land and place of the rich, the foreigners invading the land, no respect and no virtue anywhere, yet redeemer is at hand.
    • The Shipwrecked Sailor
    • The Teaching of Amenomopet
    • The Story of Eloquent Peasant
    • Dialogue of a Pessimist with Soul
    • The Admonitions of an Egyptian Sage
  26. This is a series of chapters written on papyrus, often illustrated with miniature paintings found in graves, which was intended for the exercise of magic for private individual in the life hereafter.
    • Coffin Texts
    • Hymn to Osiris
    • Pyramid Texts
    • Hymns to Sun-God
    • Book of the Dead
  27. It is an Egyptian story that tells the bad and tedious complaints of a peasant who has been robbed of his merchandise.
    • The Tale of Two Brothers
    • The Story of the Eloquent Peasant
    • The Admonitions of Sage
    • The Shipwrecked Sailor
    • The Story of King Khufu and the Magicians
  28. What is the form of government of Saudi Arabia?
    • Constitutional Monarchy
    • Aristocracy
    • Communism
    • Absolute Monarchy
    • Parliamentary
  29. It is an Arabic prose consisting of a succession of pairs of short rhyming expression where there is a rhetorical and antithetical balance of sense between the pairs of expressions with a certain loose rhythmical balance not bound by strict meter.
    • Khutbah
    • Anthology
    • Saj
    • Quasida
    • Mustajad
  30. She is an African freedom fighter, political activist, female member of the Legislative Assembly in the Gold Coast, journalist and a prolific writer. She wrote the short story Anticipation.
    • Mabel Dove-Danquah
    • Buchi Emecheta
    • Ama Ata Aidoo
    • Mariama Ba
    • Flora Nwapa