Essay Writing Contest Mechanics

Essay Writing Contest (English Month Competition). Essay Writing Contest is a writing competition where student essayists compose argumentative essays that have substance and that adhere to the conventions of the written discourse.


  1. Student essayists shall write an argumentative essay on a topic/photo related to English language and communication.
  2. Essays shall follow the five (5)- paragraph structure — introduction, body, and conclusion.
  3. Essays shall be written on the spot for two (2) hours.
  4. Topics/photos shall be given three (3) days ahead.
  5. Upon submission of the results to the committee, judges’ decision shall be considered final and irrevocable.
  6. Only three (3) student speakers shall be awarded as Champion, 1st Runner-Up, and 2nd Runner-Up.


  1. Originality and Communication (40%). Essay should be original and clearly communicate student essayist’s arguments on a given topic or theme in a logical and concise manner.
  2. Content (40%). Essay should contain sufficient and sound evidence to support arguments and claims.
  3. Writing Mechanics (20%). Essay should observe proper conventions of writing such as grammar, punctuations, capitalizations, and others.

Other English Month Competitions

  • Communication-in-Photo Contest (Mechanics). Communication-in-Photo Contest is a photography competition that aims to integrate student photographer’s understanding of the communication process in the digital age into the art of photography.

  • Declamation Contest (Mechanics). Declamation Contest is a public speaking event that showcases student declaimers’ communication prowess in interpreting a literary piece, thereby providing the audience with a direct experience of the craft.

  • E-Poetry: Poetry Beyond Text (Mechanics). E-Poetry: Poetry Beyond Text is a digital poetry composition and presentation contest that captures the literary prowess of student poets in the light of digital media.

  • Extemporaneous Speech (Mechanics). Extemporaneous Speech is a public speaking competition that requires student speakers to deliver a limited-preparation speech with special focus on substance, organization of ideas and information, and confident delivery.

  • Flash Fiction Writing Contest (Mechanics). Flash Fiction Writing challenges student writers to frame a self-contained story in a few hundreds of words that can entertain, intrigue, and satisfy a reader in a tornado effect.

  • Speech Choir (Mechanics). Speech Choir or verse choir brings out the beauty of harmony and unison, hence providing speakers and listeners alike with an experience that is both exciting and intense in the interpretation of a literary piece.

  • Statement Shirt Competition (Mechanics). Statement Shirt Competition showcases student artists’ creativity and wit in designing a shirt that communicates their knowledge and insights into the functions, importance, and challenges of communication in English in the digital age.