Extemporaneous Speech Competition Hosting Script

Opening Spiels. Good morning, and welcome to AcadShare State University for the 20xx AcadShare Extemporaneous Speech Competition. I am XXXXXXX, and I will be your host and competition moderator.

To give you an idea, AcadShare Extemporaneous Speech Competition is a public speaking competition that gives an opportunity for AcadShare State University students to speak their minds about a given topic with spontaneity, substance, and sensibility under time pressure.

Reading of the Mechanics. But before we hear them, allow me to read first the mechanics of this competition:

  1. All student speakers are required to give their opinion or views on a given topic in English.
  2. Each of them will be asked to draw lots in the presence of all to indicate their competition sequence. To allow anonymity during judging, they will be referred to by their assigned numbers.
  3. During the competition, the speakers are isolated until it is their turn to deliver a speech.
  4. When the student speaker is called from the isolation room, the emcee, or yours truly, will read the topic twice and the speaker is given a maximum of one and a half (1 1/2) minutes to think. Each needs not fully consume the allotted time. The time begins upon uttering the first word.
  5. Each speaker will then be given three (3) minutes to expound on the topic. Time starts, and the green light is turned on. The green light will turn to yellow after two (2) minutes to indicate that the entrant has one (1) minute left to wrap up his or her speech.
  6. The yellow light will turn to red when the three (3) minutes has elapsed. Speakers going over the time limit will be penalized with two (2) points for every thirty (30) seconds or a fraction thereof.
  7. In case where technical difficulties arise such as, but not limited to, the malfunction of the microphone, sound system, or power outage, the speakers should continue to deliver their speech unless otherwise instructed by the Chairman of the Board of Judges. In these events, the Chairman may require the speakers to either start over or continue from where the speech was cut off.
  8. The winners shall be judged based on the criteria for this event competition. The Champion, 1st Runner-up, and 2nd Runner-up winners will be awarded based on the ranking of the judges’ averaged scores.
  9. In case of a tie, the scores of the Chairman shall determine the winner. If the scores of the Chairman are still tied, he or she will then break the tie.
  10. The Board of Judges’ decision is final and irrevocable.

Reading of the Criteria.And now, here are the criteria for judging:

  1. Presentation (40%).The student speaker has a good volume of speech, proper pronunciation, enunciation, and nonverbal cues, and appears comfortable.
  2. Content (40%).The speech is logical, has a clear thesis, and presented in a cohesive manner.
  3. Audience Response (20%).The speech is delivered with effectiveness and persuasiveness evident in the response of the audience.

Introduction of the Members of the Board of Judges. Now that we have heard the mechanics and the criteria for judging, let me introduce to you the members of the Board of Judges who will help us ensure the selection of the most-deserved speakers <Read Separate Sheet on Board of Judges>.

Thank you, judges.

Extemporaneous Speech Competition Proper. If everyone is ready, let the battle begin! At this point, may we request contestant numbers 2-9 to please join our ushers to your holding area. Contestant number 1, please stay in the competition hall.

Audience Briefing. Ladies and gentlemen, this morning you will be hearing nine (9) student speakers. Throughout the competition, they will only appear on stage when it is time to deliver their speech. Before we begin however, please be reminded of the following:

  1. Applauding is allowed only after the contestant has finished his or her speech.
  2. Please refrain from taking pictures, leaving your seats, or making movements that may be distracting while the contestant is speaking.
  3. Lastly, if anyone in the audience is carrying a cellular phone or an electronic device of any kind, please make sure that it is turned off or is on silent mode.
  4. Our student speakers will be introduced by number only.

Now, I will call Contestant Number 1. Please come up on stage.

Contestant Number X, you may now check your microphone and/or adjust your stand. Once again, you’re given 1 minute and 30-second preparation and 3 minutes to speak about the topic. Please give me a signal if you’re ready and I will read to you the question twice.

Thank you Contestant Number X. You may now join the audience.

Closing Spiels. This concludes the competition portion of the Extemporaneous Speech. Judges and tabulators, kindly finalize the scores. Contestants and audience, the announcement of the winners will be made later this afternoon during our awarding ceremony. Once again, this is XXXXXXX, your event host and moderator, signing off.