Graduation Welcome Speech Manuscript 2018-002

To our commencement speaker, distinguished guests, school administrators and program heads, our dear principal and assistant principal, brilliant teachers, proud and ever-supportive parents, my friends and fellow candidates, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon and welcome to the 2018 STI College senior high commencement exercises!

I am truly honored to welcome you all, on behalf of the graduating class, to this momentous occasion. As I stand here today, I represent all but the most fervent young souls whose burning passion has never dimmed across years of overwhelming academic demands and expectations. From over here, I can see the sweetest and most beautiful smiles worn on their faces, while their hearts throb with joy and excitement.

Hah(Sigh)! The long wait is finally over, and in a few more minutes, we will reap the fruits of our hard work, perseverance, and academic endeavor. True enough, we deserve this momentous occasion, and soon we march up on stage and claim our diploma, let us not forget what it will serve us very soon. Our diploma signifies but a ticket to the more challenging and demanding chapters of our lives. It’s never the end. It’s just the beginning.

I know I should not be ruining our celebration with my heads-up about the appalling challenges that await us all hereafter. After all, I am sure that we all now have the strength, courage, and capacity to withstand the tests of time. While we continue with our celebration however, let us not forget the people who have been with us and who have shared all memories of ups and downs since the first day we set foot on this campus.

To the proud parents, allow me now to congratulate you in advance, for all your efforts and sacrifices have finally paid off. Your sons or daughters may not be that expressive and sweet enough, but I tell you, they are very thankful.

To our beloved teachers, we know that words are not enough, but thank you, and you have just done a very good job! Today may be but another typical year-end celebration for most of you, but for us, it is also a perfect moment to express what you haven’t heard from us in our classrooms. Ma’am and Sir, thank you!

Lastly, we should also thank our one true God, who always helps us to persevere and overcome our problems. He knows, more than anyone else, what we deserve, and so we are all here because we deserve recognition and affirmation.

From this moment forth, let’s do everything the STI way. Let us all aim higher. Once again, good afternoon and welcome to the 2018 STI senior high commencement exercises!

This is the manuscript of the short graduation welcome speech delivered by John Nelzon M. Chan during his senior high school graduation in April 2018.