Graduation Welcome Speech Manuscript 2018-003

To our commencement speaker, distinguished guests, our dear principal and assistant principal, school administrators and program heads, highly competent teachers, proud and ever-supportive parents, my friends and fellow candidates, ladies and gentlemen, good morning and welcome to the commencement exercises for the STI College Ortigas-Cainta senior high school class of 2018!

Our senior high school life for the past two years has been filled with twists and turns. We might have been, at first, a little skeptical about the overhaul of our educational system, and hence, going through this change posed issues and doubts. Others got even dubiously vocal with their reservations and resistance. Others however, including my fellow candidates seated before me today, have kept themselves holding onto the promising benefits of the senior high program. True enough, we have never been wrong about it!

I stand here today, in my long and loose white graduation robe, and so do my fellow candidates on their seats, as symbols of a challenge accepted, and hence, a challenge won over. Not very soon, we will march on this stage and claim our prize, a piece of paper that certifies what took us two years to complete – the successful sharpening of our physical and intellectual gears. Wow! We have just made it!

While we could no longer wait for such a part in today’s ceremony, let us reflect for a while on what it really took us for this milestone to happen. Let us reflect on what sacrifices our parents have done, same as what we have done. Let us be self-affirmed then that we all deserve such recognition and reaping of the fruits of all our hard work, perseverance, and our striving for excellence. The sweetness of our victory lies, not in what we have attained, but in what has driven us forward after every stumble and fall.

Soon we receive our diploma, may we not get tired of wearing the most beautiful smiles on our faces. May we not run out of words of gratitude and appreciation. Smile then and express our thanks to our parents, to our friends and classmates, to our teachers, and all who have guided us through the way.

Fellow candidates, I congratulate you in advance. I wish you all the best and may the odds be always in your favor. God bless us all. Once again, welcome to the 2018 STI senior high school commencement exercises!

This is the manuscript of the short graduation welcome speech delivered by Jerome V. Depaculang during his senior high school graduation in April 2018.