Graduation Welcome Speech Manuscript 2018-004

To our commencement speaker, distinguished guests, school administrators, our beloved principal and assistant principal, dynamic teachers and staff, our dear parents, and my fellow candidates, a meaningful and pleasant morning to all of you!

As a representative of this batch, I take a great pleasure in welcoming you all to this very important occasion. Of the innumerable ceremonies we have already witnessed, I believe this one deserves more of our dedicated solemnity and reflection for this celebrates the shared endeavor of all stakeholders of education towards greater excellence and achievement. It is particularly gratifying for me to be able to welcome those whose success is being celebrated today, the STI Senior High School Graduating Class of 2018.

We are all aware that the most significant event in a student’s life is but the graduation, and since it is a milestone in our academic endeavor, it brings us a mix of joy and pain – joy, for achieving our goals, building new friendships, making memories that will last a lifetime, and the thought of being a step closer to our dreams and definitions of success; and a little pain, for bidding our goodbyes to the people who have made our Senior High school life memorable.

As it goes, however, “What feels like the end, is often just the beginning.” It may be the end, but it serves as well as the beginning for all of us upon entering a new chapter of life. We still have a long way to go, my dear fellow candidates, but I believe that with passion and perseverance, we will be able to make the foundation of our dreams stronger and well-built to face life’s challenges ahead of us.

Indeed, STI has made us ready to face life challenges. We are all stars in the making, stars who have been built by tenacious pressure, and thus, our dazzling brilliance never fails to stand out and shine across unimaginable distance for myriad years. Yes, like stars, we will soar up and AIM HIGHER! Our years of learning in our Alma Mater, will be our beams of inspiration and motivation that will help us continue our journey towards boundless possibilities and new horizons.

I would like to take this opportunity as well to thank those who have worked hard in organizing this well-prepared event. Thank you, dear teachers, for imparting knowledge and for all those lessons that have opened our eyes to the realities of life. Thank you, our beloved parents, for the unconditional love, support, and for working hard to provide us with best education, and most of all, to our Almighty Father for all the blessings.

Fellow candidates, I wish you all good luck for the years to come in our lives. May these years be always in our favor, and may God and His wisdom bless us with success.

Thank you very much, and once again, welcome to the new chapter of our life, and as we always say, aim high STIers!

This is the manuscript of the short graduation welcome speech delivered by Paula Lobelle R. Placente during her senior high school graduation in April 2018.