Homer’s Iliad Plot Rearrangement Quiz

Homer’s Iliad Plot Rearrangement Quiz. Rearrange the plot of the selected great Greek epic Iliad. Accordingly, the epic poem recounts some of the significant events of the final weeks of the Trojan War and the Greek siege of the city of Troy.

  1. Achilles becomes furious discovering Patroclus’ death. Approaching the gates of Troy, he challenges Hector in a duel.
  2. Hector finally faces off against Achilles and slits his throat; but upon removing his helmet, Hector discovers a mortally wounded Patroclus, disguised as Achilles.
  3. The Trojans launch a surprise attack on the Greek encampment that lasts until morning.
  4. Angered by the injustice of losing his prize, Achilles refuses to fight in support of the Greeks; the army suffers serious losses including the death of Menelaus.
  5. The surprise attack goes favorably for the Trojans until Achilles appears leading his army of Myrmidons.
  6. Though Achilles claims Briseis as his prize, Agamemnon takes her for himself because Chryseis must be given back to her father after Apollo’s sending of plagues to the Greek Army.
  7. Upon reaching Troy, Achilles and the Myrmidons kill many Trojans and desecrate the temple of Apollo.
  8. The Greeks carry off Chryseis, daughter of Apollo’s priest, and Briseis, a member of the Trojan Royal family.
  9. King Menelaus recruits his brother King Agamemnon of Mycenae, who has long contemplated war against the Trojans, for an assault on Troy.
  10. The thousand ships carry a great host of fighting men, including Achilles who hopes for personal fame and glory.
  11. During a peace negotiation between Troy and Sparta, Paris elopes with Helen (the fairest woman), wife of Spartan King Menelaus.
  12. Paris chooses Aphrodite as the fairest of the three goddesses in an agreement that the fairest woman in the entire world will be his.
  13. Achilles slays Hector, and drags him off the back of his chariot.
  14. King Priam sneaks into the Greek camp, and asks Achilles to return Hector’s body.
  15. Achilles grants the wish of King Priam to return his son’s body, and lets Briseis return with the king. The Trojans lament him, and lay him on a lofty pyre and set fire to it.
  16. The abuse of dead Hector displeases the immortals. Zeus sends Iris to Priam to order him to go out without fear to Achilles to redeem Hector’s body; and to reveal that though Achilles is violent, he is not really evil.
  17. Thetis, the sea-nymph and Achilles’ mother comes to him and tells him to have nothing more to do with Greeks. She goes up to heaven and has known from Zeus that the war has already reached Olympus—that gods are ranged against each other.
  18. The Greeks are hard-pressed and lose many gallant warriors. Paris shots an arrow at Achilles, and Apollo guides it so that it strikes his heel, his only vulnerable part.
  19. In the middle of the night, the door in the horse opens, and Troy is burnt. The Greeks butcher every Trojan coming out of the burning buildings.
  20. The Greeks find a secret way of entering Troy through a stratagem of a giant wooden horse which can carry Greek Army.