Infomercial Contest Mechanics

Infomercial Contest (Nutrition Month Celebration). Infomercial is a portmanteau of the words ‘information’ and ‘commercial.’


  1. The contest is open to all senior high school students (Grades 11 and 12) of AcadShare State University.
  2. The theme of the contest shall be “Kumain Nang Wasto at Maging Aktibo…Push Natin ‘to!” All entries shall inspire the AcadShare community to engage in healthy diet and regular exercise.
  3. Infomercial video entries must:
    • Bear the theme of the 2019 National Nutrition Month Celebration ““Kumain Nang Wasto at Maging Aktibo…Push Natin ‘to!;”
    • Contain photos and footages that are original. Copyrighted music material may be used but must be duly cited;
    • Run for a maximum time of three (3) minutes including credit titles;
    • Begin with a 10-second ‘title screen’ that includes the title of the video, section of the entrants, and producers’ names respectively; and,
    • Be submitted by a group of three (3) to five (5) students from the same section.
  4. Submission of entries starts from July xx-xx, 2019.
  5. A panel of judges will screen and choose three (3) winners: 2nd runner-up, 1st runner-up, and champion who will receive certificates and medals.

Criteria for Judging

  • Relevance to the Theme (40%). The content must be highly related to the theme, “Kumain Nang Wasto at Maging Aktibo…Push Natin ‘to!”
  • Creativity and Originality (20%). The entrants must convey their ideas, messages, or thoughts in an artistic and imaginative manner through lens, narrative, performance, etc. The video should be unique from any other published works.
  • Audience Impact (20%). The video must evoke emotions from the viewers and must engage them from the onset to the end without losing momentum.
  • Production Quality (20%). The overall quality of the video should include smooth transitions, sharp focus, proper lighting, dynamically balanced audio and sounds, and engaging music.