Interpretive Reading Contest Mechanics

Interpretive (or Interpretative) Reading is an oral and dramatic presentation of a narrative that affords student participant’s communication of its literary meaning in a highly creative and evocative expression.


  1. The selected piece for the competition is “FATHER WILLIAM” by Lewis Carroll.
  2. The contestants shall provide the source material in a presentable and creative big book style.
  3. No other props and costume should be used in reading; therefore, digital sound effects and sound effects from musical instruments will not be allowed. Also, presentations for background will not be allowed.
  4. Acting the piece out is not necessary. On the other hand, the readers should be able to portray all characters and their emotions through variation of voice.
  5. The speaker may change expressions or generate sounds through hands, body and voice; however, modification of lines will not be allowed as respect to the author of the literary piece.
  6. Reading should last for 5 minutes only. Any contestant who will exceed the time will be asked to stop as respect to the next contestant.


  1. Projection of Characters (20%). The reader is able to portray all characters and 100% of their emotions in all parts of the story.
  2. Voice Quality (20%). The reader uses proper volume, tone variation, and timing to show expression and feelings of the characters.
  3. Pronunciation (20%). The reader pronounces all the sounds and words properly in the entire story.
  4. Effectiveness (20 points). Multiple techniques are used to artfully and successfully create audience interest.
  5. Audience Impact (10%). The reader connects well to audience.
  6. Big Book (10%). The big book is creative and presentable enough to help the readers
    understand the story

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