On-the-Job Training Orientation Hosting Script

On-the-Job Training Orientation Hosting Script. This is a sample program hosting script for an organized On-the-Job or OJT Training Orientation for senior high school students. You can use this for free or even tailor it for the context of the event.

[Part 001 | Registration]

Voice Over. Good morning dear SHS participants! Please make sure that you have registered at the area designated for you to secure attendance for all the subjects scheduled for the next few hours [pause a while].

As soon as you complete the registration process, please occupy the vacant seats at the audience area. We are happy to be with you today! Thank you [repeat after a while if necessary]!

Voice Over. May we request everyone to please settle down. Our program will begin in a few minutes [repeat after a while if necessary].

[Part 002 | Invocation and National Anthem]

Voice Over. We would like to request everybody to please rise for our opening prayer and the singing of the Philippine national anthem.

Voice Over. Thank you. You may now be seated.

[Part 003 | Greetings and Opening Spiels]

Together. Good day students!!!

Host A. I’m Amabelle!

Host B. I’m Tifanny!

Together. Welcome to this school year’s On-the-Job Training Orientation for the senior high school students!

Host A. I guess it’s better, partner, if we acknowledge first the participation of our schoolmates from various strands.

Host B. Good idea, partner. Okay, so as we call your respective strands, kindly make three (3) consecutive claps. As simple as this schoolmates [demonstrate]. That’s it!

Host A. Okay, let’s start with our TOPS students – the Tourism Operations strand [adlib]!

Host B. How about our HOPS students – the Hotel Operations strand [adlib]!

Together. And of course, our CULY students. Yes, the Culinary strand [adlib]! Thank you guys.

[Part 004 | Program Proper]

Host A. To formally open our program, let us all welcome our Deputy School Administrator, Ms. XXXXXXX X. XXXXXXX, for her opening remarks.

Host B. Let us all give her a warm round of applause!

[Opening Remarks| Ms. XXXXXXX X. XXXXXXX]

Host A. Thank you very much Ma’am for your meaningful words [adlib]. Few more months and our students will embark on another journey as part of their academic training.

Host B. Indeed, partner. And at this juncture, let me be thankful to the STI Alumni Placement Office for organizing this event. Not only that we will get informed about the OJT Placement Process and Consultations, we will also be oriented about Anti-Sexual Harassment Act and Positive Attitude in the Workplace.

Host A. They’re interesting topics, I must say. What is even more interesting is that, we have also invited a Guest Corporate Partner to give us insights into joining the corporate world as on-the-job trainees. That’s indeed a big bonus!

Host B. While our program will extend until 12 noon, we request our dear participants to be on their seats, listening attentively all throughout the series of talks. Please avoid making noise and any form of distraction. Our teachers are just around in case you have personal concerns.

Host A. If you have questions and other valuable insights, please reserve them as we will entertain them during our Open Forum right after all talks and discussions. Let us all make this event as smooth as possible. Thank you.

Host B. And to discuss to us, the Course Policy, Training Expectations, OJT Placement Process and Consultations, let us all welcome Ms. XXXXXXX X. XXXXXXX.

[OJT Placement Process and Consultations | Ms. XXXXXXX X. XXXXXXX ]

Host A. Thank you very much Ms. XXXXXXX X. XXXXXXX for the crystal-clear discussion of the process [pause]. While sexual and other forms of harassments are possible to experience in the workplace, it’s good that we get to know our rights. And with that, our Discipline Office, Mr. XXXXXXX X. XXXXXXX, will discuss Anti-Sexual Harassment Act. Let’s welcome him with a round of applause!

[Anti-Sexual Harassment Act | Mr. XXXXXXX X. XXXXXXX]

Host B. That was just informative as expected. Thank you very much Mr. XXXXXXX X. XXXXXXX, our school’s Discipline Officer [pause]. Another informative talk will be given to us by our Guidance Counselor as she will discuss the Positive Attitude in the Workplace. Once again, please welcome our Guidance Counselor, Ms. XXXXXXX X. XXXXXXX!

[Positive Attitude in the Workplace| Ms. XXXXXXX X. XXXXXXX]

Host A. Thank you very much Ms. XXXXXXX. With positive attitude, nothing is impossible. Let us all showcase our brand of work ethics and attitude [pause]. At this point, a representative from our Guest Corporate Partner, Rerouter Travel and Tours, will give us insights into what their company expects from our on-the-job trainees. Let us all welcome Ms. XXXXXXX X. XXXXXXX.

[Guest Corporate Partner| Rerouter Travel and Tours]

Host B. Thank you very much Ms. XXXXXXX [adlib]. Now that we have heard all our speakers, we will proceed to our Opening Forum. Okay, so if you have questions, please raise your hand, be at the center, and use the microphone [adlib].

[Part 005 | Open Forum]

Host A. Our profound gratitude to our invited speakers, our organizing team, our teachers, and of course, our student participants. Thank you and have a nice day!

Host B. These have been your hosts, Tifanny,

Host A. and Amabelle,

Together. signing off.