Library Resources Matching Type Quiz

Library Resources (Matching Type). This matching type test focuses on the students’ mastery of the types and purposes of books and other resources commonly available in the library including encyclopedias, gazetteers, dictionaries, handbooks, chronologies, and others. You may redesign the test to suit the assessment needs and learning styles of the students.

Column A| Library Resources

  • Almanac
  • Atlas
  • Bibliography
  • Biographical Dictionary
  • Chronology
  • Concordance
  • Dictionary
  • Directory
  • Encyclopedia
  • Gazetteer
  • Guidebook
  • Handbook
  • Index
  • Manual
  • Yearbook

Column B| Definitions and Descriptions     

  1. covers knowledge or branches of knowledge in a comprehensive, but summary fashion; useful for providing facts and giving a broad survey of a topic; written by specialists
  2. a dictionary of geographical places (no maps)
  3. provides detailed descriptions of places; intended primarily for the traveler; geographical facts plus maps
  4. treats one broad subject in brief, or gives a brief survey of a subject
  5. lists citations to periodical articles, book, and proceedings, and tells where they can be found
  6. lists the events described in order of the date on which they occurred
  7. an alphabetical listing of keywords or phrases found the in work of an author or work in a collection of writings
  8. defines words and terms; confirms spelling, definition, and pronunciation; used to find out how words are used; helps to locate synonyms and antonyms and to trace the origin of words
  9. lists names and addresses of individuals, companies, organizations, and institutions
  10. a specific work that tells how to do something, such as how something operates; descriptions of the inner workings of an organization
  11. covers the trends and events of the previous year; may be general in coverage, limited to one subject, or restricted to one geographical area
  12. usually a one-volume work with statistics and a compilation of specific facts about countries
  13. a book of maps and geographical information
  14. a compilation of sources of information, provides literature on a specific subject or by a specific author
  15. sources of information about the lives of famous people; short entries