Official Guidelines for the Conduct of SHS Oral Presentations and Examinations


  1. Official schedules [i.e., dates, time allotments, room assignments, etc.], slide presentation content [i.e., number of slides, content per slide, etc.], dress code, and other presentation requirements shall be identified, agreed upon by teachers involved, and cascaded to all ILS GROUPS and other concerned individuals [i.e., Faculty Checker, SHS Assistant Principal, etc.] by the STRAND CHAIRMAN at least three (3) days prior to the oral presentation and examination.
  2. The STRAND CHAIRMAN shall conduct a formal briefing, whenever necessary, with the leaders or representatives of the concerned ILS GROUPS and discuss schedules, expectations, and evaluation systems prior to the conduct of oral presentation and examination.
  3. All ILS GROUPS must seek an ENDORSEMENT FOR ORAL PRESENTATION [through a signed slip] from their respective MAJOR SUBJECT, ENTREPRENEURSHIP, and RESEARCH TEACHERS prior to the conduct of oral presentation so to make the panelists informed that all critical aspects have been reviewed and approved by the concerned teachers. Without the signed endorsement slip, the ILS GROUP must not be allowed to push through with the oral presentation. Download the form here: ORAL PRESENTATION ENDORSEMENT FORM
  4. The STRAND CHAIRMAN must identify three [3] PANELISTS composed of one [1] MAJOR SUBJECT TEACHER, one [1] ENTREPRENEURSHIP TEACHER, and one [1] RESEARCH TEACHER per schedule and inform them about the parts of concern at least three [3] days before the scheduled oral presentation and examination. Equally, no classes [particularly G11 classes] must be compromised because of the conduct of the activity.
  5. The STRAND CHAIRMAN, with the assistance of the respective RESEARCH ADVISERS, shall be in charge of overseeing the smooth conduct of all concerned oral presentations and examinations, and shall undertake at least the following: [a] ensure that rooms are conducive and technical aspects are ready, [b] gather the students and panel members, [c] prepare and distribute the evaluation sheets to the panelists, [d] ensure that schedules are strictly followed, and [e] decide on other matters that may arise.


  1. This pre-expo activity shall be comprised of two [2] parts: [a] the ORAL PRESENTATION where each ILS GROUP shall be given twenty [20] minutes, or more as decided by the STRAND CHAIRMAN, to conduct an uninterrupted presentation of the research, business plan, or both, based on the identified sections or critical points, and [b] the ORAL EXAMINATION for the rest of the schedule, or at least thirty [30] minutes, where panelists clarify issues, ensure innovativeness of the ideas, recognize the good aspects of the project, and address areas that require improvements.
  2. Each scheduled oral presentation and examination shall involve ONLY the following:
    • the presenting ILS GROUP,
    • three [3] PANELISTS composed of one [1] MAJOR SUBJECT TEACHER, one [1] ENTREPRENEURSHIP TEACHER, and one [1] RESEARCH TEACHER,
    • the respective RESEARCH ADVISER [for notetaking of all documentation concerns, possible revisions, etc.],
    • the STRAND CHAIRMAN [for ensuring the smooth conduct, although may leave the room from time to time as soon as everything is already settled], and
    • the respective HOMEROOM ADVISER [optional and whenever available, for moral support]
  3. The RESEARCH ADVISER shall read the opening statement, introduce the panel members, identify the LEAD PANELIST, provide copies of manuscripts, and give the signal for the start of the oral presentation. As soon as the presentation starts, he/she must be seated at the back for notetaking, however, may clarify matters whenever necessary. After the presentation and examination, he/she shall initiate a review of the suggestions and revisions, and a photo op for documentation purposes.
      • [Sample Opening Statement] Good morning, teachers and students! The purpose of conducting this activity is not to identify and judge our flaws and shortcomings, nor our incompetence, in complying with the academic objectives and expectations, but to work together and collaborate through sharing ideas, clarifying issues, improving projects, and gearing up for the culmination of your two-year senior high school program, the 2020 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo. This pre-expo activity has two parts: your oral presentation for twenty [20] minutes, followed by an oral examination for at least thirty [30] minutes. Before we start with the oral presentation however, let me introduce first the members of the examination panel… Students, you may start now with your presentation…
  4. While the presence is optional, the HOMEROOM ADVISER, shall not have any direct participation in the oral presentation [i.e., no raising of questions, no influencing on the decision of the panelists, no making of distractions, etc.].
  5. The LEAD PANELIST, as identified by the RESEARCH ADVISER, shall ensure that the allotted time for the oral presentation and examination is strictly observed. He/she shall also ensure that the ILS GROUP has secured a signed ENDORSEMENT FOR ORAL PRESENTATION SLIP. He/she may prevent the presenting ILS GROUP or even the examining PANELIST from proceeding should there be an observation of a possible delay or pointless discussion and questioning. He/she shall also be responsible in guiding the panel towards the conclusion of the oral presentation [i.e., requesting the ILS GROUP to leave the room for a while for the panel to discuss decisions, initiating the articulation of individual feedback, summarizing recommendations, finalizing decisions, etc.]
  6. All PANELISTS shall always bear in mind the purpose of the conduct and initiate collaboration with the students towards the success of the project with focus on the possible improvement of: [a] the product, project, or service presented, [b] the research paper and the business plan, [c] the foregoing exposition, [d] the presentation and communication skills, and others. Specifically, the following shall be observed:
    • The oral examination turns among the PANELISTS [i.e., questioning, providing of feedback, giving final decision, etc.] shall be decided by the LEAD PANELIST.
    • The identified PANELISTS, upon examination, shall focus only on the parts of concern as discussed with the STRAND CHAIRMAN [e.g., STEM TEACHER PANELIST should focus on the scientific theories and principles and product testing; ENTREPRENEURSHIP TEACHER PANELIST should focus on the market analysis, strategies, and financials; and RESEARCH TEACHER PANELIST should focus on the alignment of the research parts such as statement of the problem and the conclusions, etc.]
    • No PANELIST shall spend and waste time examining the basic formatting [i.e., borders, fonts, etc.] and grammar errors because such will be attended by the RESEARCH TEACHER] during finalization of the papers [With the signed slip, the RESEARCH TEACHER approves of all the content, formatting, parts, etc.]. However, major concerns must be noted on the papers and relayed to the concerned teacher after the presentation.
    • No PANELIST shall examine the presenting ILS GROUPS for the purpose of humiliating them with their shortcomings and flaws. Should there be major flaws in critical aspects, the examining PANELIST must then offer suggestions and recommendations.
    • All PANELISTS must adhere to the highest standards of professionalism all throughout the duration of the oral presentation and examination [i.e., no explicit and implicit negative or side remarks about the contributions to the project of the teachers, no harsh and demoralizing expressions, no leaving of the post at the middle of the conduct, no hanging decisions, etc.]
    • All PANELISTS shall accomplish the evaluation sheet with due integrity and impartiality. Evaluation results shall serve as the basis for the selection of exceptional and best outputs, products, and performances.
  7. No ILS GROUP shall leave the presentation room without receiving the final decision from the panel. However, the group shall be requested a few minutes of recess for the panel to conduct deliberation. The LEAD PANELIST shall state the decision of the panel with the statement:
    • [Sample Statement of Decision] After our brief yet thorough deliberation and assessment of the various aspects of your product, documentation, presentation, and all, we are but proud and happy that yes, you just made it. [Company Name], the panel has given you a remark of [i.e., HIGH PASS [91-100], PASS [80-90], LOW PASS [75-79]]. Congratulations! We have already reserved you a slot in our 2020 STI Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo. Once again, congratulations!
    • [Sample Alternative Statement of Decision] After our brief yet thorough deliberation and assessment of the various aspects of your product, documentation, presentation, and all, we are but sad and still unsatisfied. [Company Name], the panel has decided that you make immediate actions with the identified flaws and critical aspects of your project. As soon as these are addressed, please coordinate with your RESEARCH ADVISER for a re-defense. We’re sorry, but for now, we can’t make a slot reservation our 2020 STI Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo.
  8. While beyond suggestion, any possible re-defense shall be organized and supervised by the STRAND CHAIRMAN and the respective RESEARCH ADVISER. Prior to the conduct, all concerned teachers should have already worked hand in hand with the ILS GROUP to address problems and issues. No more failed presentation grade shall be given to the group after the re-defense.


  1. The RESEARCH ADVISER shall collect the copies of manuscripts and evaluation sheets with notes of the panelists and review the suggestions and revisions. It shall be followed by a photo op for documentation purposes. All other concerns that may arise after the oral presentation and examination shall be addressed, and further discussions may be initiated by the RESEARCH ADVISER.
  2. All LEAD PANELISTS and the STRAND CHAIRMAN shall convene and identify ILS GROUPS with the best outputs and presentations [i.e., for awards such as Best in Research Paper, Best in Paper Presentation, etc.]. Copies of manuscripts and evaluation sheets shall be secured from the RESEARCH ADVISERS.
  3. All ILS GROUPS shall revise and polish their papers and shall secure the signatures of the PANELISTS before the conduct of the expo. All documentations, including the finalized papers, shall be showcased in the event.