Philippine Literature Plot Rearrangement Quiz

Philippine Literature Plot Rearrangement Quiz. Rearrange the plot of the following selected literary works in Philippine Literature —The Great Flood, Origin of Fair Complexion and Fair Hair, The Boy Called Juan Pusong, and Epic of Ibalon.

A| The Great Flood

  1. Aponi-tolau hurriedly picks up the unconscious body of the sea maiden guard, loads it on his rattan raft, and rows shore ward.
  2. When Aponi-tolau inquires what place it is, the maiden guards laugh and lure him.
  3. Aponi-tolau comes to the edge of the world, where the sea and sky meet, and he sees the tower rock of Tau-mariu.
  4. Tau-mariu takes pity upon Humitau and calls back the water and waves.
  5. Langaan sends the North wind to warn her son of the impending flood.
  6. Aponi-tolau takes Humitau to the highest peak of the Cordillera Mountains.
  7. The flood comes and mighty waves sweep across the lowlands.
  8. Tau- Mariu summons the waves and tunas of the sea to bring back Aponi-tulao.
  9. Aponi-tolau asks for his mother’s help.
  10. Tau-mariu gets furious and calls a meeting of the gods and demigods.

B| Origin of Fair Complexion and Fair Hair

  1. The man visits his field of gabi and wonders why the gabis nearest the stream look trampled upon.
  2. The star-maiden, left behind, wanders through the field.
  3. The man approaches and offers her comfort and protection in his house.
  4. One night, the man decides to investigate and to keep watch from a distance.
  5. Beautiful star sisters with pale skin, shiny, fair hair and lustrous eyes descend to earth.
  6. The star maidens take off their pairs of wings, and plunge into the cool waters.
  7. The dawn approaches. They rise from water while unknowingly; the man hides a pair of wings.
  8. The young star-maiden cannot find her pair of wings and so is left behind.
  9. The star maiden becomes the farmer’s wife, and has beautiful children with him.
  10. Looking out into the sky, she remembers her star sisters.

C| The Boy Called Juan Pusong

  1. The silly king has himself put in a cage and orders his men to throw the cage into the sea.
  2. Juan Pusong becomes king.
  3. Juan Pusong cuts the tails of cows, and strikes them into the mud holes.
  4. Juan Pusong goes to the king and tells him that his cows have jumped into the mud holes.
  5. He tells the king that he has returned from the bottom of the sea and that he has seen the king’s dead parents and relatives.
  6. The king discovers Juan Pusong’s mischief and orders to punish him by drowning to the sea.
  7. Juan Pusong tells the stranger that he is forced to marry the king’s beautiful daughter.
  8. The king is surprised to see Juan Pusong again and he is about to put him again into prison.
  9. The stranger suggests that they should change places and so Juan Pusong is freed.
  10. The king is very sad and asks the people nearby what really happens with the cows.

 D| Epic of Ibalon

  1. When the hero Baltog arrives at the rich land of Ibalon, many monsters still roam around in its very dark forest. He is the first to cultivate the fields in the rich land.
  2. Baltog carries the Tandayag and hangs it on a talisay tree in front of his house in Tondol.
  3. At that time the hero Handiong comes with a band of warriors to the land of Ibalon, and he fights thousands of battles, and faces many dangers to defeat the monsters.
  4. Tandayag attacks and destroys Baltog‘s fields and crops, but Baltog is strong and brave, and he is able to pin down the monstrous wild boar and tear out its mouth.
  5. All by himself, Handiong looks for Oriol in the heart of the forest. Oriol admires Handiong‘s bravery and gallantry, and teaches the hero how to conquer the monsters until peace comes to the whole Ibalon.
  6. The golden period in Ibalon comes, and even slaves are respected under the laws of Handiong.
  7. Many towns in Ibalon are destroyed because of the big flood.
  8. Handiong and his men do not stop until they vanquish every Tiburon and Sarimaw.
  9. The giant Rabot, half-man half-beast, with terrible powers appears in Ibalon.
  10. Bantong kills the giant Rabot with a single stab.