Short Welcome Remarks for SHS Recognition Day

Good morning! We have finally come to the conclusion of another meaningful school year that has put all our human capacities to a great test.

On the part of our students, countless assessments have been administered and have gauged enough how much have been learned and how much more to learn about life. On the part of our teachers, the concluding school year still seems short of days to teach and share everything known and expert about.

Time and again, we have gathered here today for an interim pause before we continue with our lifelong learning and unlearning of the many things for the betterment of ourselves, our families, and our society. As we do the pause, let us all reflect on how much effort we have exerted, on how much we have sacrificed for our priorities, and on how much strength needed for us to keep holding on to our goals.

As we take a significant leap towards holistic education, we are dedicating this event to the recognition not just of the academic, but also the extra-academic achievements of our students. More than these individual achievements however, it fits the occasion that we celebrate the fruit of the communal unity among the stakeholders of this institution. True enough, we are all achievers.

To our brilliant senior high school students, supportive parents, hardworking teachers, members of the school administration, and all who have gathered here today, congratulations for a job well done and welcome to the 2019 AcadShare Senior High School Recognition Day!!!