Sample Abstract for Mobile Game Development Research Paper

This study is aimed at developing a mobile game that integrates senior high school general education courses in an entertaining mobile gaming experience. Using a descriptive-developmental research design, the two-dimensional (2D) educational mobile game, I Help-Ed, has been conceptualized and developed using the latest software and other mobile development tools. As particularly indicated, the game was developed to address the learning needs and styles of the students in the light of the overhaul of the Philippine educational system in the implementation of senior high school (as part of the K to 12 Basic Education Program), as well as the growing technology-based channels of academic learning.

In order to validate the mobile game, the researchers conducted three series of tests – Alpha, Beta, and Pilot Tests – all of which focused on the functionalities, interface designs, and other essential aspects. While the observed issues were scrutinized and addressed by the developers during the initial phases of the tests, the fully functional and responsive educational mobile game was soon tried and assessed by the target users, the eleventh and twelfth grade senior high school students, during the pilot testing. Part of the test, a survey questionnaire was administered to a total of 50 student respondents and general findings revealed that the game was both entertaining and educational, and hence responsive to their learning needs and styles.

While the developed educational and entertaining mobile game requires improvement on the many aspects including its possible upgrade to a three-dimensional (3D) media orientation as the trend in mobile gaming expects and the integration of as many course areas in the senior high school levels, the researchers have expressed as well further concerns to address in the recommendation section. Notwithstanding these limitations, the mobile game can be considered a benchmark concept for other mobile game and app developers to replicate and pay particular attention to.