Sample Cover Letter for a Student Project

God is good!

We, the AcadShare Senior High, believe that words are the currency of communication; hence a robust vocabulary improves all areas of communication – listening, speaking, reading, and writing. In a consensus, communicators’ limited vocabulary in the second language impedes successful communication.

Vocabulary learning experts over the last 25 years have reiterated that educators should provide students with explicit vocabulary instruction, repeated exposures to new words, sufficient opportunities to use words in activities such as discussion and writing, and strategies to help determine word meanings independently (Farstrup & Samuels, 2008; O’Conner, 2007).

As much as we subscribe to these expert suggestions, we would like to forge partnerships with our senior high school teachers in enriching the English language vocabulary of our students. With this, we are hereby requesting approval of the test run of our Word Pool, So Cool! (a vocabulary building project of AcadShare Senior High) from September xx-xx, 20xx.

In a nutshell, we will be accommodated by selected SHS language teachers (scheduled as agreed upon) in their classes for a maximum of twenty (20) minutes. Our AcadShare Senior High representatives will require students to draw strips of paper containing vocabulary words (definitions and sample usage will also be provided) from a box and to write their own sentences using the words (we also plan to make twists soon like composing poetic lines, hugots, etc.). Thereafter, all strips will be collected in another box, and we will conduct a weekly draw lots in which the winners will be featured in our AcadShare Senior High Literary Confessions page and receive items, courtesy of the club.

We believe that this project will not only engage our students in meaningful vocabulary building activity but will also train our club members in improving their communication skills in English; hence English-only language policy (EOP) will be observed during the 20-minute period.

Given that this is just a test run, we hope that we could adopt this project in the long run as we will try to document the activity and discuss matters so to address further issues. Rest assured that we will take all measures to keep the activity as smooth as possible.

Thank you.