Sample Intent Letter for Internal Job Vacancy

I am writing to express my strong interest in the position of Student Affairs Officer at AcadShare State University as I have learned that it has been available for a few months now.

Currently, I hold a Senior High School Faculty position, and at the same time, the Head Coordinator for all the senior high school student clubs and organizations in the campus. While I have been a dedicated classroom teacher since I joined the school in six (6) years, I have also found myself realizing the other purpose of teaching – that is, nurturing the innate talents and essential life skills beyond academics of our students for their holistic development.

Being the coordinator, I have been in charge of organizing various school activities that afford opportunities for our senior high school students to acquire and improve important life skills such as communication, leadership and teamwork, social, and other soft skills.

I look forward to discussing with you soon how my experiences and potentials can best meet the goals of the department, as well as the duties and responsibilities that the position requires me to undertake. Thank you very much.