Sample Invitation Letter for Student Expo Activity

Our school, AcadShare State College , will hold its Senior High school Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo 2020: Observations, Operations, and Opportunities, a two-day culmination activity where our twelfth-grade students showcase their highly innovative and marketable products and projects, on March 19-20 [08:00AM-05:00PM], 2020.

With this, we would like to invite your junior high school students to share in this unique experience, gain insights and inspirations, and even provide feedback for the improvement of these student products and projects.

In a nutshell, our annual expo requires our young student innovators and entrepreneurs across all senior high school strands to set up their booths, make product presentations, and even close deals with visiting students, faculty, parents, and other business enthusiasts. While we have been conducting this since our offering of the senior high school programs, our expo visitors have always been impressed by our students’ creativity, innovativeness, and entrepreneurial skills in their organic consumer products, practical tech inventions, educational mobile games, twisted dishes and delicacies, and many others.

Before this activity however, our students usually undergo oral presentations and examinations where they defend their products, research papers, and business plans. Across all strands, these requirements come in an interdisciplinary performance task which promotes collaboration among students and teachers.

We are looking forward to your positive response to this invitation. Should you have further concerns and clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact the school administration at 123-456-789.