Sample Letter of Intent for Teaching Contract Renewal


Please accept this letter as my sincere expression of intent to teach still as a regular full-load senior high school teacher at AcadShare State College for the Second Semester of Academic Year 2019-2020.

As a member of the academe for around five (5) years now, I must say that I have had both personal and professional growth while assuming various responsibilities in the pursuit of holistic development among our dear students.

Since our offering of senior high school programs, I have been assigned to the department where I have found the genuine fulfillment in my teaching career. Beyond my instructional tasks and obligations, I have also been a homeroom adviser, club moderator, event organizer, and many others — all that have already become milestones in the profession.

Should I be given the opportunity to further my service in the institution, I pledge to carry out all the duties and responsibilities at par with (or perhaps beyond) the set standards and expectations. Thank you very much.