Sample NTE Reply for Forgotten Company ID

In response to the Notice to Explain (NTE) I received last Friday, February 14, 2020, regarding my company policy violation, also defined under the XXX Employee Code of Conduct as “Forgetting to bring one’s ID when arriving to work,” I hereby deny any valid defense, and hence, assume full responsibility for the repercussions of my offense.

As much as I value honesty and accountability, I humbly admit that I failed to undertake such an important obligation of an employee to bring and wear the company ID at all times whenever reporting for work.

While I should have come back home and still looked for the ID card as an option, I decided to take advantage of the issued gate pass because (a) I had an early appointment then with a parent who came as early as 07:30AM for the SHS report card distribution, and (b) I was afraid I really had lost my ID card on my way to school and searching for nothing would bring me more stress. I felt relieved however that at around 10:00AM, I received a message from my sister confirming that I dropped it somewhere at the apartment garage.

Should you consider affording another chance and absolve me for this first offense, rest assured that I would be more cautious and mindful about such a simple yet important work-related responsibility.