Sample Request Letter for Baccalaureate Mass Officiation

This is a sample request letter for a baccalaureate mass officiation. You can use it for free and even tailor it for any communication context. 

Christian Greetings of Peace!

Our school, AcadShare State University, will be holding its 2nd Senior High School Graduation Exercises on April XX, 20XX. It is indeed a momentous occasion as we will celebrate the academic milestones in the lives of all members of the academe, most particularly our senior high school students who have made great efforts and sacrifices to meet the academic demands and expectations.

While we believe that the Almighty has been with us all throughout these endeavors, we would like to dedicate a Holy Catholic Mass and gather all our students, teachers, parents, and school officials so to give thanks and offer this shared success to the Lord.

In line with this, we are making a reservation for the officiation of a Baccalaureate Mass on April XX, 20XX (Wednesday, XX:00AM) at Multipurpose Hall, Academic Building, AcadShare State University.

Should there be any schedule conflicts or a need of special preparations and arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact us at (02) 123-456.

Thank you very much.