Sample Research Survey and Interview Request Letter

Sample Research Survey and Interview Request Letter (to the School Principal) Content


We, the Grade 12 Accounting, Business, and Management (ABM) senior high school students of AcadShare State University, are currently conducting a pre-feasibility study on a scented decorative candle with built-in speaker, an innovative and marketable product that targets teacher consumers as it has a special stress-relief feature.

With this, we would like to request your good office a consent allowing us to conduct a structured interview and/or survey with a number of randomly selected teachers in your school. In particular, the interview will focus on the teacher respondents’ stress levels, stress management practices, and perceived acceptability and marketability of the developed product. Equally, we also request that you allow us to conduct a video shoot for the online promotion of such product within the schedule of our visit in the school.

Furthermore, participation in our interview and/or survey and video shoot is entirely voluntary and does not pose any known or anticipated risk or issue. All information gathered will be dealt with utmost integrity and confidentiality.

Your approval of this request will be highly appreciated. Should you have further concerns and clarifications, please let us know.

Thank you very much.