Sample Student Competition Excuse Letter

Please excuse our senior high school (SHS) students, whose names are listed below, from your classes from December 4-8, 2018 as they have been selected as our contestants in the 2018 On-the-Spot Essay Writing Contest organized by Brown Movement for Cultural Advancement, Inc., or Kilusang Kayumanggi and will be held on December 8 (Saturday), 2018 at the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), Intramuros, Manila.

We hope that you extend your consideration upon providing them the opportunity to comply with and/or take the seatworks, short quizzes, and other minor classroom activities missed within the period of their excuse. Moreover, we will advise them to be in your classes should there be major presentations and long tests.

Should you have further questions and concerns about this request, please direct them to the undersigned teachers. Thank you very much.