Sample Testimonial or Recommendation for Distinguished Alumni Awards

As an educator who has been in the noblest profession for several years now, it has always been a profound honor recommending my former students and mentees for awards and recognitions which they undoubtedly deserve conferment. Apart from the numerous recommendations I penned in the past, I must say that I have never been as seriously eager and enthusiastic to recommend my dear former advisee in the College Student Government (CSG) at XXXXXXXX, Mr. XXXXXXX, for the 2020 XXX Distinguished Alumni Awards.

XXXXXXX, or better known as just XXX, was then President of the revived student body back when I assumed advisorship of the College Student Government in from 2016-2018. Such revival of the student body was also the birth of his vision for all the students to have a representation in the planning and implementation of various student development programs. With the initiatives and projects aligned with the institution’s goals which were smoothly carried out by the organization under his leadership, along with his outstanding academic records and all, I must say that he is an epitome of a global STI leader that we once envisioned to produce.

Exceptionally, XXX is the best of both, or perhaps many worlds – academics, youth politics, civic involvement, and beyond. While pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management at XXX College Ortigas-Cainta, he was a catalyst in the unification of his class, his program department, the whole college, and the local student community as his involvement in the pursuit of various student development programs was indeed evident. He would even join and qualify in the local conduct of Tagisan ng Talino Essay Does It Local Level Competition. Even more, he was instrumental in the success of the many events in the Tourism and Hospitality Department. His ability to balance his academics and his extracurricular engagements bore him the sweetest fruit of all his labor and sacrifices as he just graduated with flying colors, as Magna Cum Laude with an impressive general weighted average of 1.11 (or if not with a few decimal points, as Summa Cum Laude) in 2018.

While his leadership and academic inclinations were first nurtured in other schools, XXX College Ortigas-Cainta was undoubtedly his newfound home for the sustenance of such burning passion for inspiring change among his schoolmates and his local community. Apart from the highest position in the student body, he also held significant posts in various student organizations including being President of Tourism and Hospitality Society (2016), Kaisa Political Party (2017), Council of Student Organizations (2017), College Student Government (2017), and XXX National Student Leaders League (2017).

Beyond the confines and comfort of the academe however, he also reached out to his local community upon participating in various programs and projects directed to the welfare of the youth. Soon his active presence and involvement in youth politics and civic works gained him the trust and confidence of his fellow Taytayeños. With this, he started his journey in public service. Worth mentioning, he served as the Chairman of Barkadahang Sakto San Isidro (2013-2014), President of Musika, Kasuotan, at Haraya Youth Organization (2013-2014), Chairman of Kabataan Kaisa sa Kaunlaran (2013-Present), Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman (2018), and SK Federation President (Ex-Officio Councilor). With his initiatives, advocacies, and proven track record, he was awarded the Youth Leadership Award (2016).

What I admire the most about XXX is his humility and thankful heart despite the many recognitions and achievements he already had alongside his professional and political journeys. For instance, he was appointed as Youth Ambassador of the World Youth Alliance of Asia Pacific (since 2013) and a member of the Student Council Alliance of the Philippines (since 2017). Given these posts that afford meaningful opportunities for him to showcase his leadership skills in the national and Asia-Pacific arenas, he was already awarded the Ambassador for Peace Award by the Universal Peace Federation (2018) and the Global Youth Leadership Award (2018) by the International Students Association.

Interestingly, his ‘XXXXXning SUNDAY,’ a Sangguniang Kabataan Project that promotes the welfare of the youth in his community, was hailed as the national grand champion in the 1st Outstanding Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Project in the Philippines in 2019. Since then, he has been invited in various national events, even radio stations, to talk about his initiatives and projects that may also be replicated in other communities.

Given these, I strongly recommend XXX for the 2020 STI Distinguished Alumni Awards. I can vouch for his character, achievements, and all that such award may require.