Science Month Celebration Hosting Script

Science Month Celebration Opening and Closing Programs Hosting Script. This is a sample opening and closing ceremonies hosting script for the conduct of the National Science Month Celebration. You can use it for free or even tailor it for the context of the event.

[Part 001 | Preparation for the Opening Program]

Voice Over. Good morning dear students! Please maintain silence and avoid leaving your seats because our program will start in a few minutes. Thank you [pause a while].

 Voice Over. Once again, may we request everyone to please settle down. Our program will begin in a few minutes [pause a while].

[Part 002 | Invocation and National Anthem]

Voice Over. We would like to request everyone to please rise for our opening prayer and the singing of the Philippine National Anthem which will be led by Musika Tenor.

Voice Over. Thank you. You may now be seated.

[Part 003 | Greetings and Opening Spiels]

Together. Good morning dear students!!!

Host A. I’m XXXXXXX.

Host B. I’m XXXXXXX.

Together. And welcome to the opening program for the 20XX Science Month celebration [pause after]!!!

Host A. September indeed is the month that our science enthusiasts have long been waiting for.

Host B. I totally agree with you partner. Actually from over here, I can sense the excitement of our science wizards and young inventors.

Host A. Wow! What else can I say? Science is everywhere. Science is what makes us human and what makes our life even better. Science is life. And science is what we celebrate today!!!

Host B. You’ve just had it right! In fact, this year’s theme focuses on innovation and the sense of ‘bayanihan,’ as it goes…

Together. Science for the People: Innovation and Collective Prosperity!!!

Host A. And to give us further insights into the theme, let us all welcome with a warm round of applause Mr. XXXXXXX, our Senior High School Assistant Principal , for the opening remarks.

[Part 004 | Opening Remarks]

Host B. Thank you very much Sir. That was a very meaningful introduction. We have a long day ahead, and I know that you could no longer wait for our lineup of fun and exciting activities. So, here we go!

[Part 005 | Presentation of Activities]

  • Spoken Word Poetry Competition | 09:00AM-10:00AM |Multipurpose Hall
  • Science Trail | 09:00AM-12:00NN | University Open Grounds
  • Jingle-Making Contest | 10:00AM-11:30AM | Multipurpose Hall
  • Poster and Slogan Making Contest | 12:00NN -02:00PM | Multipurpose Hall
  • Science Quiz Bee | 02:00PM-04:00PM | Multipurpose Hall

Host A. This will be a very exciting day!

Host B. Are you, guys, excited (to the audience)?

Host A. That’s not the energy. I can’t hear you! So are you guys really excited?

Host B. Now, that’s the energy! So guys, break a leg and let’s make this event a feather on your cap!

[Part 006 | End of the Opening Program]

Host A. We shall see each other again around five in the afternoon for the awarding ceremony.

Together. Thank you and good luck!

[Part 007 | Preparation for the Awarding Ceremony]

Voice Over. May we request everyone to please settle down. Our program will resume in a few minutes. Thank you [repeat if necessary].

Host A. Good afternoon students! Welcome to this year’s Science Month Celebration’s….

Together. Awarding Ceremony!!!

Host B. I believe everybody’s excited to know who will triumphantly bring home the bacon in the eight competitions. What do you think, partner?

Host A. Honestly, I’ve got no idea who won these eight competitions. So, the big reveal is here in a few minutes. But before that, we would like to request Ms. XXXXXXX for her closing remarks.

Host B. Let us all give her a warm round of applause.

[Part 008 | Closing Remarks]

Host A. Thank you very much, Ma’am [short adlib about the closing remarks].

Host B. And now, we have come to the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

Host A. The Announcement and Awarding of Winners!!!

Host B. For each competition, three awards will be given: Second Runner Up, First Runner Up, and Champion.

Host A. Once called, please proceed to the stage to receive the award. Please stay to the left side of the stage until the Champion is announced.

Host B. After the three names have been called, a group photo will be taken. Then, the winners shall proceed to their seats.

[Part 009 | Announcement of Winners]

Host A. Once again, congratulations to all the winners! Let us all give them a warm round of applause.

Host B. Our deepest gratitude to all the organizing team—STIMMS headed by Ms. XXXXXXX, our participating students, distinguished judges, and most especially to the contestants of this year’s Science Month Celebration.

[Part 010 | End of the Awarding Ceremony]

Host A. Before we all go, allow us to share with you a parting gift [Quote About Science | Program Hosts].

Host B. Once again, Science for the People: Innovation and Collective Prosperity.

Host A. These have been…..XXXXXXX            

Host B. And XXXXXXX.                             

Together. Good day, and God bless us all!