Senior High School Exposition Hosting Script

Senior High School Exposition Hosting Script. This is a sample opening program hosting script for Senior High School Exposition. You can use this for free or even tailor it for the context of the celebration.


Voice Over. Attention, please! We would like to request everybody to settle down. The opening program will begin a few minutes.

Voice Over. [after a couple of minutes] One again, we would like to request everybody to settle down. The opening program will begin in a few minutes.

Voice Over. Please rise for the Invocation, the Philippine National Anthem, and the AcadShare Hymn.


Voice Over. [after the AcadShare Hymn] Thank you.

Voice Over. [as loud as possible] Live at AcadShare Ortigas-Cainta EHT Gymnasium, let us all welcome our hosts, [insert name] and [insert name]!


Together. Good morning students! [pause] Once again, good morning students!

Host A. Wow! That was just the energy I was expecting.

Host B. Absolutely partner. From up here, I could feel the excitement of our STEM students.

Host A. Yes, excited and eager to showcase their scientific innovations!

Host B. So what are we waiting for? [pause a little] Dear students and invited audience…

Host A. I am [insert name].

Host B. And I am [insert name].

Together. And welcome to the 2019 AcadShare SHS Expo!!!

Host A. With the theme…

Together. Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Inclusivity and Sustainability

Host A. While our SHS Expo runs for three days, today is scheduled for the showcase of the innovations of our Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Grade 12 students.

Host B. That’s right partner. And at the same, our MAWD students are at the school building for the presentations of their mobile games and applications…

Host A. Tomorrow, we will have our ABM and GAS students. And on Wednesday our CULY, TOPS, HOPS, and REBO.

Host B. This is gonna be a meaningful week to celebrate innovation and entrepreneurship.

Host A. And now, to formally open the 2019 AcadShare SHS Expo, let us first have the ceremonial ribbon cutting.

Host B. To do the honor, we would like to request the Assistant Vice President for Academics, [insert name] our School Director, [insert name], our School Principal, [insert name], and all our program heads.

Host A. Teachers, students, and all our guests, let us witness the ribbon being cut, altogether..

Together. …in 5…4…3…2…and 1.


Host A. Thank you Ma’am and Sirs. Now, without any further ado, we would like to call on stage Mx. [insert name], our [insert position] for a welcome remarks.

Host B. Please give him/her a warm round of applause. [after a short while if it takes long] Once again, our [insert position].


Host A. Thank you very much Sir/Ma’am.

Host B. Another message, an inspirational one, will be given to us by our [insert position], Mx. [insert name]. Let us all welcome him/her on stage with another round of applause


Host A. Thank you very much Sir/Ma’am. That was truly inspiring.

Host B. [wait until the speaker leaves the stage] You know what partner. We don’t really know the struggles that our fellow students had. Then again these bring out the best in them.

Host A. We don’t want to spoil the mood, but those sleepless nights, those paper revisions, those nerve-racking presentations and defenses have finally paid off. Salute to all of you!!!

Host B. Speaking of that partner, the team has prepared a video presentation for us to see what really happened behind the scenes.

Host A. Oh, that’s great! Now, let’s pause for a while and watch this video.


Host B. Wow! That I define — effort. Now can we give ourselves another loud round of applause.

Host A. Yes, partner. That was a great effort, and effort deserves acknowledgement.

Host B. But before we acknowledge all student teams, let us first listen to our SCHOOL PRINCIPAL, [insert name], as she gives us the rationale of this event. Let’s give a round of applause.


Host A. Thank you Ma’am. This event indeed is a vision translated into a reality. Our early congratulations to all our fellow students!

Host B. At this point, we will be acknowledging the participating teams in the 2019 SHS Expo. As we call your team, or your company name, please stand or better yet, create a not-so-annoying noise.

Host A. Perhaps a simple cheer. That’s what my partner would like to say.

Host B. So starting off, let’s all welcome a warm round of applause,  [insert company name], with their [insert product name] [read separate sheet].


Host A. So there you go! In a short while, all our participating teams will do the product presentations to all our expo visitors.

Host B. But before that, let us first welcome on stage [insert name] for an intermission number. Let’s give him a round of applause!


Host A. That was a nice performance. Thank you [insert name]! Later on, as we have the Expo Proper, I guess we should make this stage available for those who want a little entertainment.

Host B. I definitely agree. So, singers and dancers out there, better start preparing for that.

Host A. We have finally come to the conclusion of our opening ceremony. Before we start with our Expo Proper however, just a few reminders.

Host B. Our participating teams will discuss to their guests the details of their products. Please maintain healthy communication practices at all times. As much as possible, avoid eating and drinking while inside the venue. Let us all respect the school policies in the use of the facility. Thank you.

Host A. So, we will have the Expo Proper in…altogether

Host B. in 5…4…3…2…1…

Host A. Our Expo for today will run until 03:00PM. We will have the closing and awarding ceremony in the afternoon.

Host B. Thank you very much. Have a nice day!!!