Short Closing Remarks for SHS Innovation Expo

Good afternoon everyone!

You might not be around when I delivered the opening remarks on the first day of the expo with the STEM students. I was never wrong when I said that the next three days would be very meaningful and that this event would be a perfect avenue for all our senior high school students to upscale their knowledge and skills and to showcase their innovative products, services, and solutions to various problems and issues that may confront the sustainability of our quality of life.

As the theme goes, Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Inclusivity and Sustainability, we have been reaffirmed by the observed capacity of our young innovators and entrepreneurs to rework together the future that awaits us all. The future therefore promises better opportunities to all who continuously nurture the innovative and entrepreneurial skills.

Of course, this event could not have been very successful as it has been without the collaboration among all twelfth grade students, the school administrators, the whole academics department, our teachers, our eleventh grade student hosts and other volunteers, and all who exerted their time and efforts in dropping by and sharing with the experience. Thank you and congratulations for a job well done!!!

Especially to all our twelfth graders who are here today, your roads may be long and with many winding turns, but all of these I must say lead to your graduation. So after this, please sleep a lot and prepare because we will soon be together again in the next few weeks for the biggest day in your academic journey, your graduation.

Once again, good afternoon and congratulations to all!!!