Short Opening Remarks for Science Month Celebration

Good morning, students! Since the past few days, we have been experiencing shorter days and longer nights – an annual celestial phenomenon that we call autumnal equinox. We have been experiencing colder morning breeze which brings us closer to the Christmas season.

Mind it, things get colder. But do we care at all? Do we ask why? Yes, we don’t. We don’t because these happen in a cycle. It’s nature that lies silently and unquestionably on the background of all our busy schedules and daily grind.

Getting into reality, when we want to uncover the mysteries of nature, it’s science that we resort to. Science and human curiosity bring us closer to nature and understand its fascinating processes and forces. Regrettably, it’s also science and human curiosity that lead us to greed and amass all the wealth that nature provides.

My dear students, this year’s Science Month Celebration’s theme, Nurture Nature for Our Future, calls for everyone of us to respect nature and live with its processes. It has warned us many times of its destructive power. It has delivered its message of unfortunate fate in the hands of materialism and avarice of many through the intellect and understanding of our scientists and environmentalists.

Let us listen to the cries of mother nature. Let us nurture nature for the benefit of the generations to come. Students, let us all be responsible members, not just of the human but the biological society where we belong. Thank you and good morning!