Short Opening Remarks for Tourism and Hospitality Management Day Celebration

Good morning, dear students! While the backdrop displays what’s being celebrated today, and that is our United THM Day, I believe that it is more than what it says. It is rather a celebration of the school’s innovative approach to tourism and hospitality education, combining theoretical and practical learning as well as professional development.

More than the skills acquired and now that await showcase, what I would like to emphasize with this innovative approach is that we’re able to transform our young industry aspirants into real leaders and initiators. So to speak, this grand event would be impossible without the initiative of the young members of our Tourism and Hospitality Management Department. Hats off to all of you!

Now on its second year, our United THM Day is always focused on the development of specific aptitudes that prepare each and every one for the demands of the world’s fastest growing industry. This, along with other goals and aspirations, will remain elusive and unrealistic without us embracing diversity and individual nature, and hence meeting each other at the crossroads of unity. Our theme, ‘Convergence: An Exposition of Diversity in Tourism and Hospitality,’ is but a message worth pondering on.

May the same message guide you all as you showcase your skills, wit, and glamour in today’s competitions. Let us all learn from each other’s differences. Let us all be a perfect complement to the shortcomings of our team. My dear THM students, let the spectacle begin!!!