Short Opening Remarks for Reading Month Celebration

To our dear academic head and school principal, program heads, teachers, and of course, our dear students, good morning!

Today we celebrate our 20xx English Language and National Reading Month –on one hand, a celebration of communication in a language used in many disciplines and fields, and on the other, a celebration of skills and competencies in decoding printed and written messages.

Yes, reading is a skill, a skill that is developed over time. I must say that we should engage ourselves in continuous reading in order for us to develop this skill. Reading opens our minds and hearts to new ideas and perspectives. Reading takes us to new places and dimensions. Reading allows us to communicate effectively with others. Reading then is a key to our future.

My dear students and colleagues, let us develop our passion for reading. Thank you very much and welcome to the AcadShare’s 2018 English Language and National Reading Month Celebration!!!!