Short Opening Remarks for Recognition Day

AcadShare State University students are always made to be more. At ASU, we don’t just emphasize the pursuit of academic excellence, but also the acquisition of essential life skills that we believe will make our students holistically developed.

Today’s recognition ceremony is a celebration of the ASU community’s collective achievements of goals – on the part of our student academic achievers, of course the fruits of their hard work and sleepless nights in mastering the skills and competencies across various learning areas; on the part of our student leaders, the paying off of all the commitments and efforts in initiating and implementing activities and programs amidst the challenges; on the part of our academic team, particularly our faculty members, the realization of the learning objectives as evident in the outstanding performances of their respective students; and on the part of our parents and guardians, the joy of seeing their children reach their dreams one step at a time after all the struggles and sacrifices.

It befits the occasion that I salute and congratulate all members of the ASU Community, particularly our student awardees, for a job well done. Congratulations! Aim high and live the ASU Way!