SHS Graduation Welcome Speech Manuscript 2019-001

To our commencement speaker, distinguished guests of honor, school administrators and program heads, our beloved principal and assistant principal, brilliant teachers and kindhearted homeroom advisers, supportive parents, my fellow candidates, ladies and gentlemen, good morning and welcome to the 2019 STI Senior High School Commencement Exercises!

I am profoundly honored to welcome you all to this momentous event while speaking on behalf of the graduating class whose burning passion for learning has been sustained through the years of academic pursuit. Today is the day that God has bestowed upon us to celebrate another academic success — a celebration that makes us, graduating students, retrospect all the hardships and breakthroughs, look back on all the lessons learned, new experiences and adventures, and cherish all the wonderful moments that we have had with our classmates, friends, acquaintances, and teachers. Indeed, it is the most anticipated day for all the students, parents, and teachers.

Two years ago, we embarked on a journey for the last stage of our basic education. Despite being shocked by the big changes on the curriculum and the limited experiences shared by our predecessors, the first batch of Senior High School students, we faced this new stage of our academic lives with fire in our hearts that soon was fueled by our passion, dedication, perseverance, resiliency, and fortitude. Maybe, we entered this battle without much preparation, but our open minds and hearts have led us to this victorious event.

In our journey through this day, we cannot deny that we have been through so many battles and challenges. We have faced great stress, sleepless nights, nearly unrealistic academic workloads, nerve-wracking presentations, deadlines to meet, pressure, expectations, and the numerous extra-curricular activities. Yes, you might be thinking that I’m exaggerating things here by mentioning all the struggles that every graduating student has encountered, but that was just the reality, and yes, everyone has surpassed all these challenges. As what the cliché saying goes, “Difficult roads lead to beautiful destination,” and indeed, the difficult roads that we’ve been through have led us to this beautiful and momentous occasion, wearing a white robe that we can all consider as the best outfit in this world.

In just a matter of minutes, we will be harvesting the fruits of triumphs that we started to plant two years ago. As our diplomas will be presented to us soon, let us all take this moment as well to thank everyone for taking us this far. To our proud parents, congratulations in advance, and thank you for supporting us in everything that we do, for tapping our shoulders when things don’t go according to our plans, and for helping us stand during our downfall moments. Perhaps no words can compensate for your efforts and sacrifices, but the only thing that we can proudly present to you is our diploma.

To our brilliant teachers, truly, words aren’t enough to express our deepest gratitude to all of you, but still thank you for being part of our Senior High School journey. The lessons that you have taught to us, academics and beyond, will be our armors for the more arduous battles hereafter.

To our dearest institution, STI, that has helped us aim and fly higher, thank you. Your promise of real-life education is what we are holding onto since the first time we set our foot on this campus. Thank you for preparing us for the bigger challenges that we may encounter in the future, and for turning our dreams into reality. This institution is but a place where our tears became laughter, where our weaknesses became our strengths, where education has no boundaries, and where lessons have real-life applications.

And of course, to our Lord God who gave us the strength, courage, perseverance, and resiliency and whose grace leads us to this wonderful occasion. Thank You, this is all because of You.

I will not make this speech even longer because I know everyone here came with mixed emotions and raging excitement. So, on behalf of these fearless, young dreamers who are about to receive their diplomas, I congratulate you for making this far, and I officially welcome you all to the 2019 STI Senior High School Commencement Exercises! Thank you.

This is the manuscript of the short graduation welcome speech delivered by Charlotte Gesta during her senior high school graduation in April 2019.