SHS Graduation Welcome Speech Manuscript 2019-004

To our commencement speaker, distinguished guests, school administrators and program heads, our dear principal and assistant principal, brilliant teachers, proud and ever-supportive parents, my friends and fellow candidates, ladies and gentlemen, a pleasant afternoon and welcome to the 2019 STI Senior High School Commencement Exercises!!!

It is truly a great pleasure, on behalf of the graduating class, to welcome you all to this most anticipated event that signifies the beginning of another chapter in our lives. It is indeed a significant milestone in one’s existence, and I believe that this one deserves a great sincerity and solemnity for this celebrates our success in achieving our academic goals as well as the success of this beloved institution in providing us the education we deserve. I know that most of us have been through rough times throughout the years of studying, but here we are witnessing the fruits of our hardships come into reality.

As we reach this academic climax, it is undeniable that we are throbbed with a mixture of happiness, sorrow, and fear – happiness, for achieving our goals, moving forward in life, and being a step closer to our ultimate dreams; sorrow, for all the goodbyes we are about to say to the ones who have become a part of our journey; and fear, for all the uncertainties that could come to us.

These past two years of being in senior high have involved some of the most memorable moments in our lives as a student. Individually, our experiences are our very own and are unique, yet what we share is a common bond as members of batch 2019 and soon to be graduates of STI Ortigas – Cainta.

Also, may we express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to those who took great roles in molding what we are today. These include our principal, assistant principal, teachers, and school staff who have worked so much in order to give us what this institution has promised us to provide.

To our friends, classmates, and colleagues, a thank you for all the memories and experiences we shared together. We knew that everything won’t turn out on our favor, yet we still cared for each other especially when someone is in need.

To our dearest parents and guardians, our greatest appreciation for all the encouragements, support, guidance, and efforts just to send us to a decent learning institution. It is in fact that we won’t be here without you. And finally, all your sacrifices have made us what we are today. Congratulations and thank you!

To my fellow candidates, I am very pleased to congratulate us in advance as we are about to earn our diplomas. We know that the past two years have never been so easy for us because aside from all these academic challenges, we have also surpassed our own personal battles and accomplished other responsibilities. We all deserve this one! And although, this will be the end of our senior high school years, I know that everyone in here, including myself, has been prepared in a way or another to face a more challenging journey.

Lastly, may we thank the Almighty God, or maybe at least the Universe, for the strength, perseverance, and wisdom we have that have been instrumental in this success.

Once again, good afternoon, and welcome to the 2019 STI Senior High School Commencement Exercises!

This is the manuscript of the short graduation welcome speech delivered by John Kenneth Rodriguez during his senior high school graduation in April 2019.