SHS Valedictory Speech Manuscript 2019-001

To our commencement speaker, distinguished guests of honor, school administrators and program heads, our beloved principal and assistant principal, brilliant teachers and compassionate homeroom advisers, delighted parents and guardians, friends, and my fellow graduates, good afternoon!

In a matter of minutes, all of us will experience and witness the transformation of the distant horizon from burnt orange to a thousand shades of purple pink and soon to a dark pitch black – we call sunset.

For me, sunsets are never really nice to watch and not really that worthy to spare some of my time. Where our eyes witness the gradual scene of darkness taking over, we miss the light, and we welcome what we call nighttime. It reminds me however that in a journey of a thousand miles, no matter how hard we try to avoid nighttime, we can’t, because it is part of the time in every 24 – hour period, and darkness has to devour the world. It is in the law of nature. And this has taught me that we can never escape the pressures, struggles, trials, and hardships.

Yes, these words describe what we have just experienced from the past two years of senior high. As a culinary student, it was full of pressure and struggles – the sound of the pan banging on the stove, chopping knives everywhere, the smell of grilled fish, meat, and the strong aroma of herbs and spices. Adding to the thrilling atmosphere that boosts pressure are the unfamiliar looks of new and unfamiliar faces. But not for long, that with these unfamiliar faces, I find fortress. Together we fought countless trials and hardships – including “Kaya ba today events,” “back-breaking expo,” thesis pa more, and Chef Xpress, to say the least. In those moments of nighttime however, I must say we shone the brightest.

Stars only shine the most in the middle of the dark night, and that’s the only time you will feel the awe in the emanating beauty of its brilliance. These moments of nighttime taught me to glow my inner beauty and radiate excellence, not necessarily perfection. Now, there is no need to fear nighttime, because it’s only a time in a 24-hour period where pressure is at work, harnessing the inner value, character formation and attitude within us, and pushing us to be the best versions of ourselves. Remember that diamonds are formed under pressure. So, the next time we are again under pressure, just breathe and have that “Bring it on Face” in you, because through it, you will shine.

For not long after nighttime is over, the sun rises again painting the sky with new hopes and promises. As we continue our journey, let us not forget the people who have served also as stars and moon upon helping us through nighttime.

To my institution STI, a cup of thank you for setting up an arena of great opportunities for every young individual to be globally competitive through its superior learning systems.

To our ever-compassionate teachers and advisers, especially Sir Franz, Sir Kenneth, Sir Dave, Ma’am Jovaille, and Sir Seth, who have offered their spoonful of love, a pinch of their expertise and time, a tablespoon of their patience and a bag full of experiences and wisdom shared to your students, you will be forever treasured in our hearts. Thank you for being part of the “Pressure Team” in our two years of stay. Never stop radiating positive vibes and love.

To our undoubtedly ever-supportive parents who always believe in us, we thank you for your financial, moral, emotional, and all the support, through which we’ve created recipes of unimaginable tastes. Because of your support our once dreams now come a reality. It’s never over yet, there’s more to come.

To my fortress CULY 401, muchos gracias for every memory we’ve shared and not just that, even to your snacks and lunch. We have faced a lot of “sino nag-trigger kay Sir” moments and victories. Thank you for laughing with my so “corny – benta jokes.” Together, let’s leave a legacy that will last a lifetime through creating innovative recipes of unimaginable tastes. Ten years from now, we will surely all have our own restaurants here and well abroad. Promise that, and don’t forget the 10 % discount.

And lastly, thank you to my Father in Heaven who led me to this school and always gives me this purpose in life.

To the graduating class from CULY, HOPS, REBO, and TOPS, I leave this to you, John 16:33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” Indeed, Jesus has gone before us, but he has made a way when there seems to be no more. In every situation, He’s got you.

Congratulations, Senior High School Batch 2018-2019, thank you and God bless us all!!!

This is the manuscript of the short valedictory address delivered by Mary Margarette Padullo during her senior high school graduation in April 2019.