Statement Shirt Competition Mechanics

Statement Shirt Competition (English Month Competition). Statement Shirt Competition showcases student artists’ creativity and wit in designing a shirt that communicates their knowledge and insights into the functions, importance, and challenges of communication in English in the digital age.


  1. All SHS sections shall have only two representatives (a guy and a girl) to model the statement shirts.
  2. Statement shirts shall depict the functions, importance, and challenges of English communication in the digital age.
  3. All statements and designs must be original.
  4. Statement shirt models shall be given a chance to exhibit their modelling skills during the competition through a short introduction and presentation of the statement.
  5. Upon submission of the results to the committee, judges’ decision shall be considered final and irrevocable.
  6. Only three (3) pairs of statement shirt models shall be awarded as Champion, 1st Runner-Up, and 2nd Runner-Up.


  1. Content and Relevance (40%). Statement shirt strongly depicts the functions, importance, and challenges of communication in English in the digital age, and free from grammatical errors and other unacceptable content such as those with sexual undertones and discriminations in any form.
  2. Overall Visual Appeal (40%). Other artistic visual addons and details such as font styles, colors, logos, and others complement with the content or improve the communicative appeal of the statement.
  3. Modelling (20%). Statement shirt model confidently presents the statement shirt, introduces oneself well, and quotes the statement with appropriate verbal and nonverbal effects.

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