Suggested Themes for Senior High School Expo

With the Philippine senior high school (SHS) program, students are expected to come up with innovative ideas, products, and services as part of their interdisciplinary performance task (major output), or the integration of the various learning areas particularly in their Grade 12 level.

Senior high school subjects such as Strand-Specific courses (product development), Inquiries, Investigation, and Immersion (research), Work Immersion (data gathering), Entrepreneurship (business feasibility study) Empowerment Technologies (digital marketing), Contemporary Philippine Arts (art and culture integration), and others may be directed towards a culmination activity involving all senior high school students irrespective of their tracks and strands — senior high school innovation and entrepreneurship exposition.

Suggested Themes for Senior High School Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exposition. You can adopt these themes for the annual culmination activity, the senior high school innovation and entrepreneurship exposition, and even tailor the expressions so to suit the context of such activity. We’ll add more to our list soon.

  1. Connecting Minds for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  2. Collaboratory of Young Innovators and Entrepreneurs for a More Sustainable Future
  3. Global Challenges – Students’ Innovative Solutions
  4. Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Social Development and Sustainability
  5. Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Translating Vision into Reality
  6. Innovations for Sustainability, Enterprises for Social Development
  7. Nurturing Innovative and Entrepreneurial Skills, Incubating Business Startups
  8. Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Inclusivity and Sustainability
  9. Reworking the Future with Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  10. Students Centricity in Experiential Learning, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship