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Notes and Handouts

English Syntax Course Outline

This is a sample English Syntax course outline for a classroom report or presentation. You may use this as a guide in gathering information and content.  Definitions. What is Syntax as a branch of linguistics? [Read more…]

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Quizzes and Assessments

111 Subject-Verb Agreement Power Test

Subject-Verb Agreement Rules Read and understand the following subject-verb agreement rules carefully before taking the 111 power test below. You may also reuse the items below for pretest and posttest purposes. A singular subject takes [Read more…]

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Reviewers and Materials

English Specialization 005 LET Reviewer

Basic Grammar and Writing Stages (English Specialization) LET Reviewer 2019. This review material for 2019 Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) covers various topics in English Grammar and Writing Stages including parts of speech, modals, and others. [Read more…]