Sample Application Letter for Teachers


As a rookie in the teaching profession, it is indeed a professional and personal advantage to reinvent myself and my teaching skills in an academe of excellence offering market-based and industry-driven quality education. In line with this, I would like to express my sincerest interest to seek a teaching position at AcadShare State University, Ortigas-Cainta.

In addition to my professional qualifications, my good academic background and relevant teaching experiences——having earned my Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in English at Philippine Normal University-Manila with honours (Cum Laude and Best Student Teacher in English), conducted teaching practicum at San Beda College- Rizal (Private School), and worked as a faculty member/lecturer for UST College of Arts and Letters, have taken me into a genuine realization of the teaching profession and brought a desire to advance in a new level of teaching career.

During my placement as a student teacher, I learned and applied a broad range of teaching strategies and approaches. At an early stage of practicum, I was entrusted, with minimum supervision, by my critic teacher to manage classroom teaching-learning situations, and this proved my sense of responsibility and adaptability. I also acquired indispensable skills in classroom management, understanding diverse learning styles of students, evaluating student’s performances, adopting culture of organizations and subordination in an academic institution, and others.

Moving up the ladder, teaching in college for almost two years now has given me new opportunities to grow professionally and made me realize the need to upgrade skills and knowledge. I have furthered my skills, to name a few, in managing diversified classes, planning and constructing syllabi, implementing the recommended curricula, and developing positive relationships among members of the academe. In fact, out of more than two hundred faculty members, I was awarded Employee of the Month in October 2013.

Furthermore, I truly believe that we are all lifelong learners and would love the opportunity to share this philosophy with the students of AcadShare State University, Ortigas-Cainta. I look forward to discussing with you soon how my experiences and potentials can best meet the goals of the school.

Thank you very much.

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