Verb Tenses Short Quiz

Verb Tenses Short Quiz. Write down the derived verb (given in the pair of parentheses) in its correct form/tense based on the context of the sentence.

Q: Is he our classmate?

A: Yes, he (be) is___             .  


Q: What is your father doing?

A: He (wash) is washing the car.


Q: What is he doing?

A: He (play)___            the piano.


Q: What did you do last night?

A: I (go)___            to my friend’s party.


Q: Where will they put the bags?

A: They (put)___            them behind the door.


Q: What does she do when she has a problem like this?

A: She (talk)___             with her friends.


Q: Where are you going?

A: I (go)___             home.


Q: Does he like it?

A: He (like)___             it.


Q: What is the guy doing?

A: He (climb)___             the wall.


Q: What happened?

A: The dog (bite)___            me.


Q: What is happening outside?

A: It (rain)___             cats and dogs.


Q: Where is Shiela?

A: She (be)___            in the rest room.


Q: What do you do every morning?

A: I (prepare)___            our breakfast.


Q: Where do you work?

A: I (work)___            in that building.


Q: What is the problem?

A: I (lose)___            my keys.


Q: Did you lock the door?

A: Yes, I (do)___            .


Q: What is the teacher doing?

A: He (write)___            the instructions.


Q: Where did you park the car?

A: I (park) ___            it near the gasoline station.


Q: When will you pass your assignment?

A: I (pass) ___            it tomorrow.


Q: What did you do in my room?

A: I (turn) ___            off the lights.


Q: Are you my students in Communication Arts?

A: Yes, we (be) ___            .


Q: What do we have for breakfast?

A: We (have)___             fried rice and dried fish.