How to Write a Speech Choir Piece

What is a speech choir? Speech choirs are performance groups that recite poems and speeches in unison, often with elements of choreography and costuming to help bring the literary pieces to life.

What makes a good piece for a speech choir?

  • original and unique in its message
  • awe-inspiring and captivating
  • short and snappy
  • melodic and rhythmic

Workshop Outline

  •   Task 1: Map Your Territory
  •   Task 2: Draw a Blueprint
  •   Task 3: Build the Structures
  •   Task 4: Refine the Architectural Details
  •   Task 5: Invite the Nobles

Task 1: Map Your Territory

  1. Think about what one great message you want to express in your piece.
  2. Write it in one sentence, e.g., It is impossible to be completely righteous in this imperfect world, but we can be the kindest if we want to.

Task 2: Sketch Your Blueprint

  1. Plan what you want to contain in the following:
    • The Façade (Introduction)
    • The Gateway (Getting Serious)
    • The Great Hall (Climax/Revelation)
    • Th Exit Tunnel (Conclusion)
  2. Describe your plans in short sentences.
  • Façade (Intro): In the first stanza, I’ll talk about righteousness. I’ll emphasize that everywhere, people say they are righteous.
  • Gateway (Getting Serious): In the second stanza, I’ll talk about the opposite case. People don’t usually say that they are kind. Kindness comes from the lips of others.
  • Great Hall (Climax/Revelation): I’ll reveal here that I prefer to be kind than be righteous. I’ll also present here the one big message that I have about kindness.
  • Exit Tunnel (Conclusion): I will state here that if we are caught to choose between being kind and being righteous, we better choose being kind.

 Task 3: Build the Structures

  1. Start to write the stanzas based on your plans. Don’t mind your grammar and other technicalities yet.
  2. Don’t forget to add some figures of speech.FaçadeEverywhere, and everywhere I goI hear their clangs. I hear they brag. I hear out loud:

    I am but a righteous man.

    I know what’s right. You are but wrong. I know what’s right.

    I am but a righteous man.

    Righteous as a lawful man. Religious and moral I am.

Task 4: Refine the Architectural Details

  1. This time, you need to get more serious about the creative aspects of the piece – the figures of speech and the sound patterns, among others.
  2. Check, as well, your grammar, punctuation marks, spellings, etc.

Task 5: Invite the Nobles

  1. Let your classmates and your teacher see your work.
  2. Listen to their suggestions for its improvement. Decide after whether to apply them or not.
  3. Submit your work after.